Siege of Kazan Level - Global hotkeys do not work

Recently tried playing Siege of Kazan in Moscow campaign but it is unbearable because the global hotkeys for selecting all military buildings, etc. like the F1, F2, F3, F4, etc. do not work, instead a ‘thud’ noise is emitted but nothing happens. Same is true for selecting all units or idle villagers. The global hotkeys DO work when used in other campaign missions, so it does seem specific to Siege of Kazan. 4090RTX, 50" ultrawide monitor, 128gb ddr5 ram, i9, Windows 11. all hotkeys are mapped correctly to default values, I’ve reset and used different profiles

Correction - It is an issue in at least the last two missions in the Moscow campaign, but is not an issue in the French campaign with the Jeanne D’Arc siege level. Global hotkeys just making a thud sound when I press them when in Moscow single player campaign.