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Hi guys,

So, I’ve tried about 10 times to win the Siege of Vilnius (on moderate), without the cheesing methods that now have been effectively disabled. Does anyone have a viable strategy for this mission? It’s nigh impossible to get to the Bombard Cannons which just level the first castle (even having a fully garrisoned castle with 20 Xbows). They just retreat to the cover of Grey’s 2 Castles & 2 Fortified Towers. Once Castle 1 is gone, the Teutons just make a b-line for Castles 2 & 3.

Having an army upwards of 25 after the first cutscene/garrison is eliminated can slightly help (if you’re lucky to convert 1-2 Orange units). Plus, I take the starting army to move ASAP.

You also have to take the 2 stone tiles southwest of Vytautas’ Castle.

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Just finished this mission on Hard with the additional challenge for myself to keep all 3 castles remaining and succeeded thankfully.
My strategy was:

Boom fast instantly with 3 tcs utilizing wild animals around(put 1 tc in the middle of green base, 1 down by the stone and mined stone for 3rd while building). Didn’t bother about orange before first attack. When there was like 4 minutes left sent 10 vills to repair gates and left them there to keep repairing gates.

Prepared 20 knights upgraded to kill the 4 bombard cannons when attack started. They were a suicide squad. Other than the knights just made crossbows. After killing bbc’s focused castle and crossvbows on enemy crossbows and HC’S to protect repairing vills. For better defence place a few single wall tiles in front of the gates.

Grey broke 1 gate towards the end (like 2 mins remaining) but was too late for him. Second attack is the same just in imp so easier to defend. Built lots of houses around to help my arbalests. After first attack successfully defended, started attacking orange.

Managed to do this on my 3rd try, feel like it should work if executed properly.

Oh and to kill the bombard cannons I did wait until most of greys army appeared, ran out with the knights and focused them down(all kts died in the process).

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Having a cavalry unit helps with taking out BBCs, but it’s a bit harder to amass Knights as opposed to Light Cav, but the latter have less staying power. It might be possible to take the Szlachta Privileges tech with the starting resources to make Knights more viable.

Another technique for the starting Orange band is to take them from the North outside of the Tower’s LoS. You easily save 5-6 going from remaining with 20-25 without Vytautas to only losing 1-2 units from 30. I’ve also tried converting the single orange units that stroll over to Vytautas. However, the small bands of units either hog the wall next to the South-West gate or they get triggered by the tower.