Siege Ram vs Ballista Elephant

Because Ballista elephants are technically as siege and lack the “Massive” +1/2 anti-ram bonus damage of regular scorpions, but they do have still have double crossbows. Meaning that SR kill elephants 5 hits while taking up to 270 hits.

Don’t fight rams with ranged units?


Don’t fight rams period.
They come in peace! :crazy_face:

Jokes aside, Ballista Elephants are terrible without a meat shield, but with it, they’re really hard to kill.
In team games obviously, I don’t think anyone would attempt to use more than 1 to cut wood or do some strange stuff in 1v1.

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And leave you in pieces.


They really are, and it is great the devs finally recognized this fact, and added +2 Attack. Attack was the department where they needed buff, they probably need another +1 attack, but I am so happy for the +2 Attack itself

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Sidenote if anyone can find a clip of this in a competitive game that would make my day

who never played black forest team game khmer dont know how strong they are en masse.
is faster scorpions with more hp

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