Siege randomly unable to destroy buildings

How is this still a bug? It was there in the betas, it was there just after release and it’s still here 1.5 years later.

All too often I have siege firing on farms and buildings and causing zero damage. Sometimes relocating the siege engines does the trick, sometimes I have to take my infantry to torch them as it’s the only way to get them destroyed.

This completely disables siege as the engines will keep firing indefinitely on that building/farm and not moving forward during an attack-move.

Hey @EricGonzalezM! What buildings are you seeing this with besides farms?

Thanks for following up, pal

I’ve seen it mostly with farms now, but universities seem to be still affected too. If I catch it happening again on anything that’s not a farm I’ll post evidence.

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@SavageEmpire566 : Saw it just now with a mining camp. HRE vs Ottomans, Lipany. AI skirmish. I had to take my infantry to torch the building, so the bug is still here.

Unfortunate, but I appreciate you following up. We’ll fire someone and then investigate :laughing:.

If any other buildings crop up where this is seen, please post here.

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lol. Let’s just calm down for a bit.

It’s not that common, probably a bit more common than the defensive structures not firing, but if your matches are chaotic with infantry running everywhere, you may not even notice that bombard fire is not doing anything.

Now that I mention it, I’m not sure if trebs are also affected or just bombards.

I used to get this too but haven’t seen it since stopping playing vs AI months ago. Although in most pvp games someone surrenders before too much base destruction happens so maybe I don’t notice. And when you say siege you mean bombards right? That’s all I’ve seen it with, which rarely ever get used in pvp now. But I still think this might just be a bug in AI games.

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Good context. It could be just AI matches and just bombards from what I’ve experienced.