Siege running into battle

I really hate the state of siege right now, so this just really annoys me even more, does any task their springalds onto enemy siege just for them to run straight at them and get destroyed, its ruined several games for me against siege spammers. And no I’m not miss clicking.

its a issue with Line of Sight and terrain.

This usually happens when there is slopes.

units such as Bombars, Cannoneers and Springals are especially effected by this as they shoot straight projectile line.

But if there is slopes or hills that breaks this projectile path, they end up moving closer in order to get clear LOS


Man ur probably right, this really shouldn’t be a thing with how strong siege currently is, just camp a cliff and ur Mangoneols are immortal

There is another bug where you task siege to attack a building under fog of war and they stop somewhere in the middle of the map for no reason at all. The building wasn’t destroyed and nothing else interfered for siege to simply forget what they were supposed to do.

Is either siege not attacking at all or going straight under the enemy’s defenses. You have to babysit them the whole frickin’ time. Ah, but let’s do 1000 balance tweaks first.

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I do notice the fog of War bs, usually on trebs they’ll move right up to the keep or whatever ur trying to attack and just kill themselves. Almost every problem I have with this game revolves around siege, they really need to sort it out.

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out of havit from AOE2, i rarely do click targeting on buildings with trebs / bombards.

I usually always choose attack ground. That way you are guaranteed that they will just fire on that location.

They do just as much damage as long as they hit.