Siege Tower Nerf

In new patch, wall gates will be omnidirectional, so you don’t need to select a side, and only allied units will be able to climb up and down.

So it’s a good change i think… But…

What is the point of siege towers now ?

Does that mean that siege towers are completely useless now? As enemy units will just get stuck on top of the walls?

Should enemy units at least be able to go down any gate/wall?
Or should the siege tower just be removed since it’s now pretty much pointless.


I think gates should allow enemy units to get down. I never use siege towers nor see them used. It would be interesting if they gained a ranged attack that ignored the extra defenses given to units on walls.


A good up for the siege tower could take inspiration of the logic of total war games.
When you pass walls with these, gates must have a control timer which allow ennemy units to come in. In this way siege towers will be a side strategic choice if you don’t want to go trebs or artillery.

With this feature : you can try to pass walls toward gates while defender will more use all the wall mechanics (Batista towers, archers …) and try to defend gates.


It says that the gates won’t allow enemy units to climb up. While not guaranteed, I would hope they can still use them to climb down, otherwise it is as you say and siege tower even more useless.


I think they need to overhaul the siege towers completely as from my experience almost no one is ever using that unit unless they want to create some epic battles like a movie type battle but no one is using it to win a game at least what I have seen.

They can easily address the gate change issue with the overhaul done to siege towers, as I’d love to have a reason to use them in the game, with the stone walls having units on them it can lead to epic battles while still being a valid tactic.

I honestly think they just added siege towers for having the stone wall system, but never actually thought much how it is used and how good or bad it will be.

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They could give siege towers a springald upgrade making them useful against mangonels and trebuchets attacking behind a wall.

Yeah at least something like that to make it useful and also more easy to defend it from ambush and attacks. I was thinking for the Byzantines imagine to have Greek fire attached to it with a cooldown of course, but imagine the scary view of siege towers coming towards your walls with fire everywhere and you know if you don’t stop it, enemy units will be on the wall soon :smiley:

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Good questions.

I wouldn’t know what the result would be. I’d like to assume that the devs have already tested how it will work, in some way or another, and perhaps didn’t fully explain it in the additional info.

We would have to wait to see what comes out in the expansion, which in theory is going to come with a new siege weapon that is half Ram and half Siege Tower (So I suppose Siege Towers still going to exist); and if it doesn’t fulfill one of its functions, it’s probably because this tower mechanic is a last-minute addition for the new season.


On the other hand, sometimes I also think that infantry units should have an extra ability called “Climbing Ropes” to lower the walls (in case the enemy has not created doors for them), teleporting from the top to the bottom. bottom or else build stairs.

Also, Siege Towers should hold twice as many units (16), 8 is not enough for a tremendous tower.


The main problem is the amount of micro you need to get units on the wall, by the time you get your army of 40 units on the wall the opponent has a mangonel and another army to delete your stuff. Siege tower need to attach to walls and serve as a gate for attacking units just like total war’s towers. As for getting down from the wall, I like your idea, but I would like a way for the army to get down from the wall other than capturing gates because what if there are no gates! I would suggest some ladders per siege tower so you can effectively get your army down the wall on the other side, and this way the devs can control how fast units go over the wall.


They did overhaul the siege tower AS PROMISED!!! its just the revised tower is now civ specific…

Heck the new soege tower might need a nerf

It doesn’t need to be that complicated.

In AOE2 the siege tower let you just cross over a wall, like it was a gate.

They could just do the same for siege towers, allow units to go across any wall (wood or stone). Once its connected. Climb up and down on either side in front of the siege tower.


yes! this I think would be optimal.