Siege towers are for figs

Yes but transport ship can’t take fire from towers or castles, that high pierce armor justifies a little the gold cost, but still 160 gold is just too much, 60 should be fair.

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Back at the days i used to think the same, but the siege towers really belong to the medieval wars so its an ok addition, as long as the price is fair ofc, it changes and adds new strategies vs walls without breaking the meta.

You meant no attack Siege Tower. By transport ship example why they should cost gold even? Siege Tpwer currently not attacking at all.

The 160 Gold gives them some cost if you can use 1 Siege Tower to simply have Units bypass Walls. I agree with this. However, it is not worth the cost to just have them be Taxis for Infantry. This is poses a problem. Maybe in Imperial there could be a Tech that reduces the cost of Siege Towers.

Just for single bypassing wall this unit is still overkill. Spearman/Skirmishers counters cavalry/archer. Why we still have them for no gold?