Siege Towers should be able to shoot arrows when garrisoned archers

Siege towers are now too expensive (200W/160G) and have less function (Only allow walking units to climb over the walls). This makes them less likely to appear in the game.

So Siege Towers should be able to shoot arrows when garrisoned archers, that will make them more useful in the game. When you have a lot of archers, Siege towers can be a powerful mobile tower to protect your delicate archers.

I’ve made a siege tower like this before, but unfortunately it doesn’t attack the enemy, unless you order it to do, and it escapes when attacked.


This unit was solely designed to by pass stone walls and allow more inovative play on map like Arena or any bottle-neck situation. The attempt to force this unit into a rich purposefullness is nonesense. It’s a niche unit and should remain a niche one.

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I agree, it should be useful to help clear the area behind the wall of defenders (as what a siege tower did, which was to bring archers high enough to clear walls). and then be used to get units over the wall. The defending player must therefore find ways to destroy it before it comes close, as it was the case in history.


The idea in OP is incredibly dumb and shows detachment from the very mechanics of the game, counterplay, opportunity cost & counter units etc. If you genuinely think that Siege Towers firing arrows would be balanced, might as well enable Cobra cars in your games, it’s not far off from what Siege Towers would be anyway.

Funny enough, Siege Towers used to fire arrows all the way back in the Forgotten Empires beta. It’s plain to see why it was removed.

I don’t see why it’s an incredibly dumb idea, in my opinion it would make perfect sense. Even in real life siege towers had archers in them to fire over walls ( ) → look at the top floor.

To make them more balanced, the speed when fully garrisoned could be reduced. I don’t see why a damn siege tower firing 3 or 4 arrows would be comparable to a Cobra car, this is what i find to be an incredibly dumb comparison. At 200w and 160g they cost more than any tower and they would still barely be seen.


Now, siege workshop units can be used in almost any map, except for siege towers.
Siege towers are indeed useful in some certain situations, but too few. As a common unit, it should have more appearances.

In history, siege towers were also used as mobile arrow towers. so it is also practical to allow it shoot arrows.


If you think the siege tower is too OP in FEbeta, we can reduce the damage of arrows.
And I think siege towers should be garrisoned with archers to shoot arrows, which is needn’t in beta. Garrisoning archers are also increase the cost of the siege tower.

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Siege Towers may have its cost halved, garrison more infantry and heal units inside. Maybe not shooting arrows. It feels like giving war wagons to every civ.

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History is overrated, it’s a strategy game. We don’t need justice warriors here, we need high playability level, which firing siege towers dont serve.

Stone Walls are a situational building, and therefore Siege Tower is a situational unit. Very simple equation, don’t ruin it for the sake of some accuracies.

I like this proposal but it has to be very short range and lower attack; so, it has to have worst stats with garrisoned archers than with the archers ungarrisoned

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there is a moment when there is “suspension of disbelief” when it comes to videogames because balancing and competition and gameplay aspects prevail. Otherwise, technically Knights should have 1 HP because 1 arrow downed a horse IRL and Mangonels should have infinite pierce armor because it’s not like arrows can ever damage a Mangonel.

In the end, Siege Tower is useless as a unit, has a niche on Arena and that’s probably enough. We don’t need abusive mechanics for the sake of people who find it “funny”.

Those comparisons don’t make sense. It’s not about imitating real life, but about a little feature that was present in the game but isn’t anymore. It would be fun to make siege towers and shoot arrows from them, isn’t the game supposed to be fun? And I don’t see what would make it abusive, it’s not even OP and very very far from it. A siege tower that does 5 dmg and shoots 4 arrows, first arrow does 5 dmg, the rest does 1 dmg. wooh, big deal.

Frankly i don’t care if they do it or not, but i don’t see what’s the big deal about it. it all sounds like gatekeeping to me tbh.


does crenelations applied to the units or buildings because we could have Teutonic knights in ST acting as discount Cobra cars

Nah, they could limit the dmg of the siege tower and also limit the number of arrows it fires. Also the range could be the same as for the archers, 4. with all upgrades, it would be 5+4 attack, limit to 3 or 4 arrows, and 4+3 range. Rate of fire of 2, like normal towers, and minimum range of 1. I think it would be interesting :man_shrugging: Not at all OP, and would be a nice little feature imo.


No, allowing siege tower shoot arrows when garrisoned archer can bring new tactics to the game. This can be realistic, improve playability, and increase the appearance rate of siege towers, three birds with one stone.


Almost as i thought, I’m sure this will make the game more fun


fun is about making the game fun for as wide an audience as possible, I bet for some fun is starting with a Cobra car. The siege tower idea of firing arrows is broken, doesn’t take a genius to see why.

I don’t know. If archers had half the normal damage output while garrisoned, didn’t increase the speed, and had the max arrows capped at three or something, that might be balanced. It’s a super expensive unit, and with low range, I can’t see it being super broken.


Cobra cars with no attack and cannot move are not OP at all. It’s all about tweakings.

Re: OP, I am not sure honestly, isn’t it competing with mangonels alot?