Siege Units (Scorpion-line, Onager-line, Cannon Galleons and Bombard Cannon) attack Neutral Trade Units on their own

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But in my test everything attacked the Neutral Player. Neutral seems bugged.
In my other Scenario only the Siege Units attacked, in the recreation attempt everything attacked the Neutral Unit, even when the Unit doesn’t even attack (Change AI to none, Switch Player with CTRL + Shift + F2, put the unit on Passive stance)

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Create a Scenario and place said units (+ Generic ones) next to a Neutral Unit
  2. Make that Player neutral
  3. Watch the Siege attack the Neutral unit while the other units don’t (as intended)
  4. Neutral is very bugged right now

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Neutral Players should not be attacked by anything.

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Here is the Scenario File (available for the next 30 days)

Your units always attack neutral AI/Players soldiers. Your soldiers only won’t attack ( neutral ) villagers and building like Barrack or House unless you task them to so.

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Thats not what neutral does. Neutral = No attack unless being attacked. Its like Boars to anything it attacks (except buildings, but if they could attack buildings they would do it). It has always been like this since AoC (20 years ago)

Wait, what ? I maybe something don’t understand, but we are talking about Neutral in diplomacy ?

Neutral - The player’s military units automatically attack other player’s military units to whom they are set to neutral with. Buildings and Villagers that belong to another player to whom the player is neutral are not automatically attacked by the player’s military units, and must be manually tasked to do so.

Copied from AoE II wiki

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Well ok it is that way, it doesn’t make sense but apparently These Siege Units still attack Neutral Trade Carts, while other units dont. Thats a bug for me.

Neutral should mean neutral. Not like this. Units then should be like Boars, only attacking back when being attacked. And when a wolf attacks one of many idle villagers, all idle villagers also attack the wolves. So if a neutral unit attacks my units. All the other units should attack it within the “alert” range.

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maybe you should make a new report for siege attacking neutral trade.

why bother it wont get fixed anyway. I dont care enough tbh

If its game breaking in the sense that I affects campaigns then it will propably be fixed. Minor stuff like broken triggers liek the display timer trigger effect never get fixed in over a year so you are right about that.

But display timer works perfectly - what do you mean?

Hu, they fixed it after a year? Have to test that out