siege weapons do not fit through the stone gate

Hi together.

In two games I had it that neither I nor my allied siege weapons could send through my stone gates (abbasid). Only after the construction of a second gate could siege weapons pass through it.

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Hey @DRDD8353! Is there anything you can think of that was common between the two games? Were the walls big/small? Was the gate near a corner or intersection? On a slope? Were any Stone Towers near? Anything else you can think of?


Hi together

The cards were hill and dale, black forest. The walls were relatively short and there were towers two spaces down the wall.

Kind regards DRDD

I had this just happen to me as well. I too was playing as Abbasid, so I am not sure if there’s a commonality there or not.


  • Wall was stone and in a straight line.
  • Wall was my teammate’s, and not mine.
  • Map was Boulder Bay (I believe). It was the water map with a sacred site on an island in one corner of the map.
  • Wall was not on high elevation.

(Sorry, I have to ask) You are sure the gate wasn’t locked? Other units could pass through just fine, just not siege. They acted like it was closed?

Not only stone wall gate, but even if you break part of the wall.
If it is on hill/slop it is possible your siege can pass through it.

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I can check my replay game from last night when I get home today to confirm. I recall other non-siege units ran through the gate a second or two prior to my siege units attempting. Will follow-up soon.

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Yes the gate was open all other units can pass. Just not the siege weapons from me and my allies only when building a second gate right next to it.

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Thank you all for following up! We’re investigating.

I had a game with Abbasid that I couldn’t get my rams through a gate that was as close to the boundary of the map as possible. A building also snugly bordered the wall, along the boundary of the map, pretty much entirely blocking the gate. I think the issue was the ram not having the space to go around the building to get to the gate. If a building borders the edge of the map, rams can’t fit between the edge and the building. And a tree was blocking pathing around the other side of the building.

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