Siege weapons in Aoe have always been an imbalance

siege weapons in Aoe have always been an imbalance, first of all, siege weapons should not be units at all, they should just be weapons that are controlled by units, and here siege weapons are just ugly, and how they destroy, this is a strong imbalance, and the fact that there are no units of people next to them has a very negative effect on the entertainment of the battle

  • It must be so !!! Siege weapons are created, for example, in a siege workshop, when creating a group of units should take a siege weapon under control, there should not be many siege weapons, they should not shoot often, because reloading an arrow, for example, to an archer, is much faster than loading a catapult with stones, they should move much slower than a human unit, because this is a heavy mechanism that can not move and turn with almost the same speed as a simple human unit, and since this is presented in all parts of Aoe, this is a stupid idea that unfortunately got used to Aoe and I really hoped that Aoe4 would finally do everything beautifully and balanced, but unfortunately, the siege weapons are too ugly and look like something foreign in the game, not allowing you to enjoy the battle process.

i like the way artillery works in AOE 3, has crews, has a high cost but on the other hand aren’t weirdly balanced in the way AOE 2 art is.


Artillery in AOE3 is quite balance.


Got to agree, they needed to do something different here than they did before. That is the problem then a creative project is taken over by a new company, they are bound by limitations because people will complain that they butchered it with too many changes, but if its the original creator that changes their own work then it is just seen as the next evolution and to be praised as innovative.

Siege weapons were rarely used in open battle, they were defensive and offensive town and naval battles. From what I have seen AOE2 just seems to treat them as regular units with slightly different stats. I say that with the speed in which they move and turn and fire.

I would like to see some as like permanent installments like a tower, or take a really long time to pack/ unpack. You could send vills or inf to them to operate in times of need, since you do not want some lame spamming 100x catapults.

Stone buildings should be nearly indestructible by units (unless you can spend wood to have them build a enclosure to undermine it.) Which would then facilitate the need for artillery/ siege craft. If walls are something a high siege unit with a torch can smash through and there is no need to fight on walls then its just failed concept.

I really like AOE 3 style, cannons are pretty OP strong in shots, with a decent reload and easy to kill in melee, but hard to in range. Cannons can either be a waste of res and easily countered or pay off dividends in how you defend them. They also had really cool unique death animations, that were realistic like the wheel falling off, and the breaking or exploding. AOE4 just seems lacking in those kinds of details. Its so hard to get over how boring the bombard and some other units look.

Artillery on AoE3 is nice, you spend a lot of resources and pop slots, they need to kill a lot. They are the best counter to infantry armies but they die easily to melee attacks. AoE3 added good mechanics to the series but most people underestimate it.


They are slow, expensive and easy to destroy if you get close to them.

what good would they be if they were not strong?

The way Relic handled artillery and AT guns in Company of Heroes would be the best way to implement it IMO, with the limited field of fire, moderate set up time, and slow rotation. Then you can make them really powerful and satisfying to use, without being OP.