Siege weapons on walls? Probably should put them on the walls huh?

Siege weapons on walls.

Hear me out… siege weapons, maybe just ballista, maybe cannons, maybe catapults… put em on the walls.
Thats it, lets get the seige weapons - and make it possible to set them up… on a wall.
sieieieige weapon, wall, put the wall under the seige weapon, siege weapon on the wall. Makes a lot of sense.


  • Epicness
  • Gives a point to capturing walls and specific points (else you’ll just shoot everyone off em and just make a hole and walk to juicy town square cause who cares?)
  • Need to take em out to protect your own siege weapons

It feels like seiging and walls in aoe4 play a BIG part of the gameplay - this is awesome cause it reflect real life in many ways, for a long time castles were literally the hardest part of doing conquering. In that sense, I think walls should be a little overpowered, but I worry the siegers have it easy with the kill the wall from a distance easily then engage later issue. Anyway, thinking about this too much, im sure theres tonnes of reasons why siege weapons should be able to be put on walls. Just put them on, itll feel and look so good.

Also actual hoardings for archers… but first, siege weapons… ya know… put em on the walls.
What I’m looking for is for enough people to comment… yea why not? and then the devs will see it and they’ll probably thing… yea… why not?


This would be an interesting idea and should work wonders with them implementing siege on walls & having units on them too.

Maybe it will come eventuelly? We still don’t know everything about this game.


It was said in the German Gamestar preview that players are able to place cannons on the walls, but in fixed angles.
I believe what they meant was that direction/rotation can’t beat changed easily (once built?).


Do you have a link to the minute it was said?

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And daut, going for the forward siege wall, will be denied!


oh now we’re talking! haha

I believe theyre referring to the archer towers that shoot in a fixed region (the ones attached to the walls) I do wonder if the word cannon is being translated from the german shoot or to bombard, and it is still referring to archer fire. I wouldn’t personally take this as ‘we have cannons on the walls!’

I think this would be a very nice addition, feels like Stronghold (Crusader) where you could put ballistas or mangonels on the towers. Walls in traditional AOE were kind of dull (in AOE2 people typically wall with buildings or palisades that cost wood), so I was happy they’re allowing archers to be placed on top of them in AOE4, so having siege weapons is a further good step. This would actually help encourage castle-building and planning out your city, especially for the defensive civs like the English.


Well, AoE II has bombard towers… maybe in the imperial age some factions can build those?

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and aoe1 ballista towers, lets go and put those siege weapons on those walls!

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I think cannons, ballistas and catapults on walls is a good idea, i would be very happy to see them on walls in any form. However it may be easier to implement the gameplay element of archers going up and down on walls than siege weapons.
In the trailer we see some towers as part of walls. Once it’s there it’s there. Maybe the same could be done with those types of siege weapons at least. I don’t need them to be able to “climb down the wall” to go and attack the enemy base. In this case maybe they shouldn’t cost population, they would be basically the same as towers, just a bit different. Keep in mind, that siege weapons are big compared to the walls, so soldiers would find it hard to go around them. This problem could be solved by “bastions” the only place where you can build defensive siege weapons. Do yu guys find these ideas reasonable and useful?


I agree, castles should be heavily defensible… like a mangonel on a castle wall should have some extra range so that opponent mangonels would not want to attack that part of the wall and have to use something better like a cannon or trebuchet, or find a undefended section.

I assume some types of siege will be anti siege like there are culverins for AOE3, they may have the range to take on a walled up mangonel, but a walled up anti siege rock thrower would trump that, but again not the bombard cannons or trebuchet. And trebuchets should not go on walls for that reason. That ultimately the attacker should have options to strategically dismantle castle defenses.

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I think there should be a point where your walls are so well defended people need to use trebuchets or bombards as the final counter.

Lighter siege weapons (springalds, culverins) could definitely fit on wall bastions.