Simple fix for alt+f4: Preset Map Queue

A preset map queue. So, for example, say your unbanned maps are Arabia, Runestones, and Black Forest.

Then, it pre-rolls the order that these maps will be played. So, say it rolls Black Forest.

Then, if you accidentally(or intentionally) lose your connection, it will simply put you straight back into another Black Forest game. The only way the queue will move on is if either you or your opponent resigns. Not just resigns, but resigns past a certain point - the point would vary, and would be based on the standard length of games. So, say 5% of Black Forest games end before 20 minutes; games that end before that time will not move the queue onward, either.

So if you lose connecton, you get the same map again. If you resign unreasonably early(based on the map in question), you get the same map again.

The best part about this is, players need to actually be IN a game to count down the ‘clock’, so to speak. Many players will be willing to just go do something else while waiting for a clock to count down to play arabia again, but not so many will be willing to join a game and THEN go afk for 20 minutes.

And of course, if they die too fast, that’ll be under the window, and they’ll get the same map over again.

No need for temp bans or penalties, problem solved!

I like the idea. It also supports what the name “RM = Random Map” stands for in my opinion: A ladder of people who play on multiple maps, not just one map most of the time.

Some remarks:

  • For the sake of completness: I guess there must be a reset every time a map-pool rotation takes place. You should not enforce players to play on a map that is no longer in the map-pool
  • There a several reasons why people alt+f4. Your proposal deals “only” with map avoiders. But I think this might be a good start.
  • In your example with three pre-rolled maps you divide the playerbase theoretically into three groups. In fact even more, since not everyone bans the same maps. I don’t know how much this would effect this the search time for a good matchmaking. Maybe this can be relaxed a bit. For example, instead of saying you have to play these maps in a certain order you simply say that two consecutively maps must be different (unless it is an (un-)intentionally connection loss as you have described).
    Using your example: First match is for instance Arabia. The second game has to be Runestones or Black Forest. If Runestones was picked randomely, then the third game must be either Arabia or Black Forest. And so on.
    This way finding matches should be a bit easier. Additionally, if it is still possible to prefer maps, then the prefered map can idieally occur every 2nd game, so up to 66%. Maybe this is necessary to not upset to many people of the playerbase?

Or to keep the changes simple: Keep the current system and only implement that in case of an (un-)intentionally connection loss the participants have to play their next game on the same map again

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But what if their next opponent has said map banned?

The matchmaking has to take care of it. Just like it does right now too.