Simple fix for towers

Towers are far too overpowered, mainly because units can be garrisoned in a low investment of 100 wood to essentially have an intercontinental ballistic missile launcher, an easy nerf would be that they require one of their emplacements for units to actually shoot out of them, this would make using them less forgiving and require some actual investment.

Imo defensive buildings including towers are too weak.

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This is in regards to using them aggressively early game

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The only time they’re OP is when you allow someone to spam 50 of them with cannons around a wonder.

Other than that, it’s a game of denying your opponents aggressive placement around the map.

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No at all, your change would just make french even more OP.

The only think that may be worth to nerfed is the springald emplacement that still has the damage of pre-nerf springald.

It’s not always that simple, especially against mongols who can do it very early backed up with 2 for 1 pikemen

If it was easy to stop, nobody would do it and we’d see much less use of towers, a staple for Mongols, from Mongol players.

Then Mongols would be like Delhi, which no longer makes great use of its staple, Elephants, as before they were nerfed.

I’m not saying make it easy to stop I’m saying make it require more investment

No, it will make game even worse. Buildings under construction take more damage and you can just pull villagers and straight up burn down the tower and its huge wood loss.

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That’s what scouting is for though, and the more that is invested in towers the less that is invested in other areas, especially if you’re talking about a tower rush right off the bat.

I’m assuming you’re referring to Age 1/2 tower on top of your opponent’s resources?