Simple question

what would do prefer

  • 1 new civilisation
  • 5 variant
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I’d prefer some new variants, I don’t like having to learn all new civs and counters so frequently.

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New refreshing english, delhi, mongol, rus, malian, ottoman, or even japanese and byzantine gameplay… or one new unseen civ… hmmm… I think I would definitely take 5 fresh takes on existing gameplay, but why not have both? 2 new civs and 4 new variants seems like a good deal. Normally DLC doesn’t introduce more than 2 civs at a time anyways.


New variants offer almost as much as a whole new civilisation tbh.
They have the same amount of unique units and have completely unique mechanics too.

I think 5 is a crazy amount compared to just 1.
I think 2 variants can be as cool as 1 new civilisation.
I would have voted for 3 variants over 1 new civilisation tbh.

How much is 1 entirely new Civilisation worth?
  • 1 Variant
  • 2 Variants
  • 3 Variants
  • 4 Variants
  • 5 Variants
  • more then 5 Variants
  • Variants are just bad
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A high number of variants made sense in the past when there were few civilizations. Now that there are more, I prefer 1 civ to 5 variants for balance reasons.

Although there are some more asymmetric variants, the reality is that they are recycled from an existing civ.

From my point of view, at least 3 variants are equivalent to a new civilization.

If I prefer a new civilization to 5 variants, it is, I repeat, for balance reasons and not needing to add too much.

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For DLC i hope there are:

2 New Civs + 4 Variants


3 or 4 New Civs

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Hello, I hope you are doing very well :smiley: and regarding the topic of the post: I would like thematic DLC. An example: 3 new Spanish, Berber and Aztec civilizations with 2 campaigns “The Reconquista” and “The Fall of Tenochtitlán” with American maps with biomes of those regions. Also bring variant civilizations such as the Kingdom of Castile, the Kingdom of Aragon, the Nicaean Empire and the Seljuk Empire, greetings.