Simple way to promote the usage of Native Tribes (balance suggestion, updated)

Native tribe is a big feature in this game, but in most of the games, allying with native tribe won’t be a good choice of normal players. If players have 200 woods in the early game, they are much more willing to build their tp on the trading route rather than the native tribe, because the benefits of trading route is much bigger than native tribe. Even though the tribes provide special warrior and technology, but all of them take extra cost and only available after age 2, unlike trading route provide free exp in the beginning and get free resource after upgrade it. In most of the game, players may start with market, dock, trading route tp, or consulate, but no one start with tp on the Native tribe, because it doesn’t help players boost their economy or get more shipments to age up. In view of this, I think if allying with native tribe provide some free benefits in the early game, such as 0.7~0.8 exp trickle(little lesser than trading route), may increase players’ motivation of allying with native tribe.

This change may bring two benefits for the game:

  1. It can create a good circumstance for players using native warrior, technology, promote the use rate of the related cards, and bring more interesting strategies for the game, since there are more than 20 unique native tribes in the game.

  2. It can increase the strength of civs which need exp desperately, such as Germans and Ottoman, in the maps without trading route. In current games, the standard map pool don’t include maps without trading route, for some civs(Germans, Ottoman) have bad performance, but others(Russia, Japan) do really good in those maps. It’s a pity that players can’t play these beautiful maps in the ranked game. I hope this change will balance the civs strength in no-trading-route map, and maybe we can add these maps back in the standard map pool someday.

Maybe there are more tiny benefits if we do this change, such as decrease the possibility of players’ wounded explorer got snipe while building their tp on the tp site(cause they can choose to build it on the native tribe), or let Inca war chief has chance to exert its ability.

(updated parts) Also, we need to consider about the negative effect of the change. Obviously, it will made native tribe to become an op front base in the early game, because players can get exp, unique technology from it, and train native warrior immediately after they enter age 2. It makes players can do a fast, big military pressure to their opponent. To avoid this change severely breaks the game meta, we need to set an additional military limit for native tribe if this change deed implemented. Setting a cheap tech (named “contract”) to let players unlock the function of training native warrior may be appropriate. This tech will cost around 50 food, 50 wood, 50 coin, with 20s research time. Players won’t be able to train native warrior before they research this tech but still allow players research other unique techs. It will slow down the military pressure made by native tribe, makes their opponent have propriate time to counter the rush and raid.

This game still has a lot of interesting stuff to be discover, I think native tribe is one of it. In my opinion, native tribe is as interesting as revolution, but it doesn’t have good use rate in most of the battles, since it doesn’t have enough benefit compare with market or trading route tp. I hope Fe team can review the role of native tribe, and give some buff for it, such as 0.7~0.8 exp trickle or anything else. I believe it will make the game more complete.

How do u think, guys? Please leave ur opinions. :blush:

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I think this was tried before in one of the fan patches. And it made the native maps and trading route maps very similar.

Another approach can be-
To convert atleast one of the useful native researches per tribe to a free passive bonus as long as the trading post is there. So that 200 wood spent on it is useful. And it would be worth killing enemy native trading posts.

Apart from that the native unit upgrades per age. Disciplined, exalted etc should be made cheaper. Along with increasing build limit of each native warrior to 1.5 times…

Thoughts on this?

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Oh, this idea is tried in one of the fan patches? Hope it be re-implemented.

I think a free passive bonus is also a good idea, it just like asia civs with their consulate. However, on the other hand, it will be very difficult to design and balance the bonus for every tribe. Compare with the brand new passive bonus function, I think exp trickle is much simpler and help aging up directly.

And about the native unit. I agree that the upgrades and build limit also should be adjusted.

These are great ideas. There is definitely much potential for making more strategies viable by updating the minor natives and their trading posts.

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Granting XP is a good idea. However, making the upgrades they provide for free would be a disadvantage for civs that do not usually build TPs.

This was tried on one ESOC patch…it was very badly received by the top players and then removed right away.

One simple thing is making native units not cost so much wood. It is very difficult to use them in the early stages. Not only do you need 200w for the trade post, but you generally need 60+w for each native unit. Too expensive.

I only played legacy version of the game before, so i m really curious about their opinion of it. They tried it indicates they also think native tribe is worth to promote. Maybe in DE version, we can find the way to fix the problems gradually, not just remove it.

On the other hand, native warriors don’t need any population. I think this feature ease the cost of woods.

Owning a Native Tribes can obtain certain civilization rewards and even additional options that appear during the upgrade era. However, losing the trading station will also lose the reward.