Simplify minimap colors

Similar terrain types are indicated by different colors on the minimap. From a gameplay perspective this adds no real value, rather it clutters the minimap which complicates spotting woodlines, elevation and resources.

Taking a quick glance at the minimap you might expect to see 3 woodlines, in reality only the bottom one is a woodline indicated by a slightly darker green.

A large green blob which makes it hard to spot elevation and woodlines;

Different shades of desert make it hard to seperate terrain from elevation;

My suggestion would be to simplify these terrain types to the same beige color on the minimap, this way we can improve readability by increasing color separation and only indicating elements that actually effect gameplay.


Yes, please. PLus, take this in count Minimap Filters

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You observation are somewhat correct. But it’s because that minimap does not display Trees and elevations at all. It displays only terrain types and some resources - gold and stone. While this seems to be very useless for gameplay, we are still able to use the terrain to find wood lines. That is because of the way the random generation is done. First the whole map is covered with one terrain type - lets say grass. Then a different terrain type is distributed across the map in patches - lets say the leaves terrain. Then groups of trees are randomly placed around the map, but restricted to only one terrain - leaves. On the minimap you see the leaves terrain. But because a lot of trees were placed over the leaves terrain, you associate the color of the leaves terrain with the trees resource.

I do agree, a more useful minimap showing the actual resources and elevation would be very welcomed. :slight_smile:

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I have always thought the same. Minimap is so confusing. Thanks for posting it.

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It does indicate elevation with different shades.

Where did you get this from? I see no connection between the forest subterrain and the green forest color we see on the minimap.

I did just learn about the shading. Neat but very subtle, didnt even notice it.

The default colour of various terrain is published here: AoE2 Terrains - Google Sheets
It’s part of the random map scripting guide.

Keep in mind there might be errors. If you find that a type of terrain does not corespond with the appropriate colour, please suggest a correction.