Since Japan is confirmed as the next new civilization

Will they have ninja as a unique unit? Ninja are, like, the most iconic warriors of feudal Japan right after samurai. I think a ninja unit could work as a scout replacement for the Japanese. They could have superior stealth to the typical scout (e.g. they could perhaps be invisible to the enemy at all times except when attacking), but maybe have less HP for balance.


They just posted the screenshot below showing ninjas to social media.


YAAY, ninja in AoE IV! :joy:


There was a caption as well:

Disguised as enemy Villagers, sabotage your opponent’s buildings with the Shinobi. Then disappear with the use of a smoke bomb. Spread chaos across your opponent’s empire with the new Japanese civilization, coming in The Sultans Ascend expansion for Age of Empires IV!


This pic made the Japanese civ a lot more unique and got way too many unique units.
This is how all the civs should be.


So I can play “Naruto : Ultimate Ninja Storm” in “Age of Empires” now?

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Since they introduced stealth with Mali we all knew Ninjas were coming.

Ninjas aren’t warriors though. They are spies.

I cannot find the caption.

They were experts in guerilla warfare. Siege, infiltration, ambush, reconnaissance, espionage, bodyguarding, martial arts, etc…

Warrior is a perfectly reasonable term to use.

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Then you may be in trouble when the Shinobi do arrive :eyes:…

Here it is on Steam:

Real life Ninja were not what I’d call a warrior.
I wouldn’t call every soldier a warrior either.

A warrior is just a person engaged or experienced in warfare, that’s it.

We aren’t talking about classes in an RPG or something like that.


The unit looks nicely detailed… Hopefully they tweak other units as well

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Shinobi is a more fitting name and has a longer history.
The word “ninja” actually is used more in early modern and modern fictions.

Has this been the only civ confirmed so far?

yes, it has.

the Japanese appears yet another good step in the right direction for aoe4. It’s a terrific choice for an 11th civ.

Oddly enough, the caption is only on Steam

Agreed. The game definitely goes into a way that makes me want to play it more active again.

the more places information lives, the more likely messages get mixed up and spills happen. sometimes you gotta look everywhere to piece together the puzzle. that’s the fun part haha