Since the Sultans expansion, original civs cannot build walls that touch sides of mountains or forests

I am playing the Microsoft Store version of the game (9.2.628.0) on Windows 11.

The original civilizations are no longer able to build walls that touch up against either the sides of hills/mountains or forests/water. This problem doesn’t seem to effect the newer civilizations, just the old ones. I have submitted this issue to support twice along with a video showing the issue over the months since the expansion, but it still isn’t fixed.

I tried playing the game with and without mods and this issue is still there. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice to see if that would help, but nothing changed.

What map are you trying to do this on? What’s the map seed?

I just tried to reproduce this on French Pass (seed 46438961) and failed. Tried both Palisade and Stone Walls.

My only difference is I’m on the Steam build, not the MS store build, but I would’ve thought they were similar if not the same (for the PC).

Its every map. I have tried it on multiple crafted map like 3 v 5 Mountain Choke Point by ShadowTime1290 that I show in the video. But its also on all the generated maps as well, like the Mega Random map. I’ve tried it dozens of times over many maps for the months since I discovered the issue and have found nothing that fixes it. Originally the problem was with both wooden or stone walls, but after the last patch, it seems to only be with stone walls now. But instead of just affecting the civilizations that the game had before the Sultans expansion, it now stops me from building walls that butt up against anything with the Ayyubids as well.