Single player campaign crash issues?

Hello everyone, I took the following post from a steam forum (below). After bringing up this issue on the discord channel, they told me to post it here for you guys to look into it.

To describe the problem in short: Always when playing a campaign (in this case the sundjata one) I crash after ± 30 mins ingame to desktop without error messages or anything. is anyone else having this issue? MP works fine, even huge single player random map games with 8 players work fine. Benchmarks work fine and ram or memory usage is never above 50%.

It’s sad because the campaigns are so much fun and i see people on youtube playing it without problems but others too crash after ± 30 - 45 mins. Maybe you guys can look into this? I know MP is top priority right now but the campaigns shouldn’t have any issues right?

Just also wanna say thanks for the hard work. We love what u did so far and hope you can get these nasty bugs out so we can fully enjoy the experience :slight_smile:

steam post:

Game Crashing at ~45 minute mark

I’ve tried reloading from an autosave at multiple points but at around 45 minutes into my match the entire game will hang then crash. I have a save point about minute before it happens and nothing I change stops the crash.


I’m having the same problem as Pitter Patter, MP works fine for the moment but when i play a single player campaign, it crashes around 30 mins for me. I also have a savegame about 2 mins before the crash but like he said, nothing i do changes the crash. Weird thing is i can run 8 player random maps on ludicrous size without a problem. It’s just the campaign mission which is crashing for me. I tried replaying the level and also a crash around the same time. It just crashes to desktop without any warning or error message.

When i run benchmark tests, it runs just fine and gives me a score of 1202. Also my ram usage is always around 5gb. Even though i have 16gb in total.