Single-Player vs. Multi-Player - Can you switch between them?

I just downloaded the game and it asks if I want Single-Player of Multi-Player mode. If I chose one, am I stuck with that one forever, or can I alternate between the two to see which one I like better?

These forums are impossible to search. I tried but found nothing, so I apologize if this question has already been asked.

Hi @Reecie67, I’m not sure which Age game you are talking about but single player and multiplayer are game mode options which you can select before the beginning of all matches.

I’m talking about AOE: Definitive Edition. So, one day I could play as in single-player mode and one day I could play in multi-player mode? I want to ask before I make a selection so that I’m not stuck in an option I don’t want.

In your opinion, which mode do you personally like better?

Yes. You can play single player and multiplayer games any time you wish.

I like multiplayer better because playing with or against a human player is usually much more interesting than the A.I.

Thank you very much!!! Yes, I agree that playing with humans is a bit more interesting but when we played the old (original) AOE it was single-player with an “alliance” but they didn’t really interact with your game or castle. Now I’m playing March of Empires, with pay-to-play players and the politics and “human” element is sometimes disconcerting. I like that I’ll have the option to try both. Thanks, again, for your help and input! :blush: