> Singleplayer AI Challenge <

Can you beat this AI in 1v1 on titan difficulty but with only +50% handicap? (Other AI’s get +100%)

Available on EE Steam Workshop

Game Settings:

  • AI-Profile: “Antisthenes [GS]”
  • Land or Hybrid Map
  • Any Civ / Major God
  • Supremacy / Conquest / Deatmatch
  • Titan Difficulty [No Cheat]

Sounds doable right? :smiley:
Then why wait? Check it out and vote your result below!

  • Yes
  • No
  • Feed me more!

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Looks like it has been quite a long battle :slight_smile:

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I noticed some conflicting rules in the early dm build up phase that cause a delay (especially for atlantean players). The deathmatch system is currently undergoing construction so I recommend playing conquest/supremacy only for this challenge atm.

Is there any way to delete free naval myth units on certain maps like Basin? They aren’t really useful, just take up population space.

Yeah, possible but it’s quite hard to decide at times whether a water unit is needed or not.

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