> Singleplayer AI Challenge <

Can you beat this AI in 1v1 on titan difficulty but with only +50% handicap? (Other AI’s get +100%)

Available on EE Steam Workshop

Game Settings:

  • AI-Profile: “Antisthenes [GS]”
  • Land or Hybrid Map
  • Any Civ / Major God
  • Supremacy / Conquest / Deatmatch
  • Titan Difficulty [No Cheat]

Sounds doable right? :smiley:
Then why wait? Check it out and vote your result below!

  • Yes
  • No
  • Feed me more!

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Looks like it has been quite a long battle :slight_smile:

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I noticed some conflicting rules in the early dm build up phase that cause a delay (especially for atlantean players). The deathmatch system is currently undergoing construction so I recommend playing conquest/supremacy only for this challenge atm.

Is there any way to delete free naval myth units on certain maps like Basin? They aren’t really useful, just take up population space.