Singleplayer Elo linked to multiplayer Elo

So I’ve been playing multiplayer with a friend getting up to around 1450ish elo. Now I decided to play singleplayer, won the first game and that put me up to 1350ish elo.

Unsurprisingly I’ve been losing games in a row, considering that multiplayer elo level translates into an elo level of about 1000ish in singleplayer.

Now that wouldn’t be soo bad, but I’m only losing 40ish elo per match. Is there some easy way to reduce elo? Just join game and immediately quit or does that get me banned? Because quite frankly playing 20-30 minutes, then getting bodied by people who have just a way better buildorder and more experience than you isn’t exactly fun. And I can expect that to continue for the next 3-5 games before I get to a level where I can actually have some serious fight and don’t get overrun the moment the opponent hits castle.

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All games in ranked are multiplayer games, there is no single player elo. First time i read your post i was pretty confused. But i think i got your point.

  • Where you say multiplayer, you meant team games.
  • Where you say single player, you meant 1v1s.

With this out of the way, i will try to answer your post.

The different ladders are only linked at the start. Normally you always starts as 1000 elo at a ladder. There is one exception: If you already have a rating on a different ladder, then that elo is used to adjust your starting rating.

At the first look, this seems pretty fair:

  • A top 1v1 player will probably also at the top in team games. Or at least close to the top.
  • The same is true for an average team game player. That player will probably also about an average 1v1 player.

It is also pretty normal that you win / loose lots of elo in your first games. Your elo might be a bad reflexion of your true skills, so it will be adjust more quickly. For that reason you are now losing about 40 elo after a game. After 10-20 games, you probably win or loose about 16 elo (depending on the elo of the enemy).

In theory all of this seems fine and i do support such system. From a theoretical point of view it makes sure you play against your own skill more quickly. But in practise there is a big issue: Team game ratings are inflated. You already mentioned this in your own post: 1450 elo in team games is about 1000 elo in 1v1. I think that is pretty good estimate. This issue is widely known in the community. You can found the main thread here:

This issue already existed at the release of DE, but it wasnt put high on the priority list of the devs. They are aware of this issue, but they dont know why they will try to fix this issue.

So is there an easy solution for you? Not really. It looks like the devs allow to just quit the game, since it is a pretty common complaint at the forum that people just quit the game if they dont like something about the match. People dont seems to get banned for this toxic behaviour. So you can give it a try. I have to admit if i play against someone that is just quitting lots of games in a row then i do report the player. It looks like the devs dont really care about those reports, since those accounts still keep playing games. So it looks like you wont get banned for this. But you could be the unlucky guy who do get banned for this behaviour. So you could take the risk.

While i think quitting early is toxic behaviour, i do understand why you opt for this option. You kind of suffer from a bug, which wont get fixed by the devs. Quitting for that reason should be allowed in my point of view. But i dont really know of my point of view is equal to the point of view from the mods who look at the reports.


Thank you for the explanation and sorry for the confusing terminology. You got exactly right what I meant :slight_smile:

Honestly, I probably only need to lose like 3-4 times before it actually becomes fun to play again. So I’ll probably risk it. It’s both avoiding to waste my time and that of the other guy. I suspect just winning after doing your standard fast castle buildorder isn’t too fun either.

Perhaps you can do a few yolo Persian douches, those games don’t last long and you can have some fun with it as well.