Singleplayer STATS?

Is there any way to get them? It says go play, but I’ve already done it for many hours.


Do you mean these?

Overall single player stats :confused:
Because I don’t see any (not only campaign but free play as well)

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I guess this is a simple question. Are stats already working or not in website?, since when i get to my own stats i see the legend: No stats available - go play!!. I’ve played more than 60 ranked RM games already.


Thanks for your help!!

I am facing this exact same problem. I’ve linked my steam account here and it’s not working.

Also the problem can’t be (or atleast, should not be) that my name here and in-game is different since someone had already made an account with my steam name lol. And since the steam account is linked here, it just should work from that no matter what the names are, especially when steam name is changeable.

Yeah, can someone help us?! Microsoft hello! :expressionless:

I don’t really understand the singleplayer stats either. It says I played 25 games, but it’s not! I have 6 hours total, and it say 16 games total, I just finished a game, now it’s 25 lol… And it says 0 victory, but I win pretty much all of the game I played.

I really don’t understand. I love stats and i’m not good enough to play multiplayer, I just feel bad to not be able to get decent stats for singleplayer

Edit: I just played 1 more game, I had 25 games played, now I have 28 lol… wtf And no victory at all…?

Edit2: I did some test, so everygame count for 3 played but never give victory. And watching a replay count for played too… And even give Achivements… lol

Come on fix that mess, the stats don’t work at all.

So, every singleplayer stats are still buged… I want to play this game again, but without stats and progression, I can’t… I’m now at 75 games played with 0 victory, best civ : NA lol. And I didn’t played 75 games at all, and win probably more than 90% of the few games I played.

I didn’t find any text files to change the stats myself on my computer, please fix it

I really hope for single player cumulative stats someday, too. And not just via Steam achievements keeping track or I mean in-game page(s) that I can thumb through and see my statistics for unranked, non-campaign games I’ve played. For me, this can include single player vs. AIs, and as well as multiplayer matches I play with friends that are unranked. We know ELO already exists for ranked MP matches. I’m wanting cumulative stats and an offline scoring system of some sort for unranked matches that I can look at and compare with friends, or see how I do over time. And just some neat statistics accruing in many respects (building destroyed, average times to age up, APM, # stone/gold/wood/food, # conversions, # times converted, # relics owned, # treb shots, score, tributes sent/received, # trade carts, etc… per game averages, and over life. So many things that would be fun to see stats on.)

I think there is room for improvement for that area.

Here’s a similar thread from a year ago. In it, I also mention that in addition to scoring by numbers, there could also be some fun ways, like equating your score/abilities to a career level and/or fame level in the Middle Ages (like what the game Pirates! does):

For now, we just have this link, which gives scant info. It is so weird that the game can’t give us this info, but some random website can? I don’t even know how or why a 3rd party is allowed to do this. I assume through some publicly available API that Microsoft or Steam puts out, but I’m not a fan:

Totally agree with you. But the stats on your website is, I think, multiplayer unranked… Not singleplayer. I don’t find myself on it…

But yes, there is room for improvement, this game completly lack of stats and informations (even for multiplayer ranked). Some games from '90s do better. But I don’t think we will get a improvement, this game is out for a while and I ask for it since Day One… But I continue to pray every night

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Yeah, seems to just be multiplayer unranked in that area, you’re right. For Singleplayer we just get stats info at the conclusion of our match, and then it’s lost forever, pretty much. Hope you take screenshots after each match and then transfer them to an Excel spreadsheet by hand and make pivot tables :smiley: just kidding. Hopefully the game accumulates SP stats over time someday. I will keep hoping for it, too