Six Scenario Campaigns

You know that devs enjoyed making the campaign when they introduce 6 instead of 5 scenarios in a campaign.

Following are the campaigns that have 6 scenarios:

Le Loi (Vietnamese)
Tamerlane (Tatars)
Grand Dukes of West (Burgundians)
Jadwiga (Poles)
Jan Ziska (Bohemians)

Clearly the campaign developer was most passionate about working for Dawn of the Dukes DLC. Even judging by the quality of it. DotD was the first to introduce Night scene.

DotD is definitely the best DLC for playing campaigns.


DotD had the most boring civilisation designs of all DE DLC though.

That’s subjective opinion


In terms of new mechanics and units.

Maybe “simple” is the better way of saying it.

Also only 2 civilisations but so far only one DLC had more.

I am not counting civilizations. Just talking from campaigns perspective. Which dlc has the best to offer.

I know.
My point was that every DLC was good at offering something else.
DotD was good for Campaign fans while other DLC were better for Mulitplayer/Skirmish people.


I agree on that. (20 chars)

DotD missed a great opportunity to include a flailman unit for hussites.

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Konnik is already a flailman

Im referring to a unit like this even the campaign pictures have units like this.


But because all the campaigns are related to each other, by Jogaila…

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Totally agree!
Dawn of the dukes by far best DLC for campaigns and dynasties of India by far best DLC for civs.

As for the 5 scenarii campaign yeah some are made to have 5 so it’s acceptable but in many ones it feels just as an excuse to design one less scenario.


I think the biggest missed opportunity with DotD was not making the lithuanian campaign co-op


Or the Jawdiga campaig. It could have been fun to have a coop campaign with two diferent civs for most of it


The Dravidian campaign was definitely butchered and it could’ve been one more scenario.
The others? I don’t know. As if they don’t choose the best campaign heroes lately. Alauddin Khilji would’ve been much better for Hindustanis. Ismail is not as interesting as Khosrow imo.

Lets say they make a Chinese and a Turkish campaign one day. If they’re only 5 missions they are doing it on purpose. Less work, more money.


I don’t think the number of missions alone is what matters, also how complex they are.


Tbh I think Babur ismt great but he fits the civ design better and hes just a very famous figure

In the case of the Persians you had to choose beetwen having inaccurate elephants or inaccurate gunpowder. Imo both Armenians and Persians should have gotten a campaign from earliee in the timeline

Either way we got Roman and Greek campaigns with oy 5 scenarios so yeah I think they just prefer to make shorter campaigns

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Alauddin Khalji is almost equally badass as Babur.

On the one hand you have Babur who had nothing, he was kicked out of his kingdom, formed a marriage alliance with Kabul and with it’s forces finally conquered delhi his place of dream.

On the other hand you have Alauddin who as a general defeated Mongols! and built a skull tower out of their heads, killed his own king to become king himself of delhi and then went on to conquer huge swath of India in a matter of few years.

Babur went from nothing to something. Alauddin went from something to everything.

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Babur was from Ferghana so I am naturally biased for him. But Alauddin Khalji, he was no less than Timur in his time of his place.

While Babur feared enemies like the Shaybanis, Alauddin feared nobody! but again they started from different levels.

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I hope there is another DLC for India and they atleast add the Kalingans with Kapilendra’ Campaign and Alauddin get his own Campaign and some other things, perhaps the Ahoms? Or Tibetans?

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