Skill levels

Hi all,

So what would you say qualifies to be: a) Noob, b) Rookie, c) Intermediate Player

In my head Noob, someone really new to the game doesnt know build orders how to lure boars eat sheep one at a time, no hotkeys that kind of thing.

Rook, someone who understands how the mechanics of the game works. Again knows how to Boar lure, eat sheep one at a time, do few build orders basic counters. Game play is not polished but is getting there.

Intermediate: People who can pull off various strategies like Trush, Drush, FC etc. Have a good set of skills can hot key around everywhere numbers units and has a good grasp of the game. Can manage to build economy at the same time as commanding an attack on the enemy reasonable well.

The Pro: Basically a Robot in the flesh. Can do everything from the above, fight multiple battles and still boom and micro manage units, balance his economy for what they are producing and still have time to chat to their significant other without getting flustered!
( I think all Pros have sold their soul to the Devil! )

Do these sound about right? Im amazed at the amount of Noobs joining inter games. Do they not understand the skill levels or do they have inflated egos?

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Am Devil, can confirm, I own their souls.

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The problem here is that these are too broad to really show the levels of AoE2 players and you’d need at least a few more levels between ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Pro’ with the huge determining factor being consistency.

By the same token, ‘Noob’ is an extremely relative term in this community. More reason why Elo should be displayed in Unranked lobbies.

And also, because they don’t see ranking, they win a few games easily and think ‘alright, I’m a beast now’ and join a game with someone who has played for 20 years.

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I have seen the opposite as well. I join a noob/novice game but then there is some guy 2v1ing us, multiple tower rushes and then ends up winning the game with about 20k points vs’s my 6k lol.

Went off on this guy (even though this has happened so many times now)

Smurfing or seeking out noob games when you are an intermediate or advanced player is going to 100% kill any interest in AoE.

I’m not sure what the solution to this is, except to maybe allow blocking of players and so that you can’t join lobbies if someone that has blocked you is in the lobby.

Anyway, pisses me off. Stick to playing people your own level.

Lol, reminds me of the time I got Castle dropped at around 17 minutes in a “noob” public game.

That said, I think even newer players understand build orders and walling. They just don’t understand engagements or strategy, or at least they drop off quite a lot the longer the game goes.

can confirm, there is so much inconsistency also in the players you meet during matchmaking. I went from 1450 to 1630 back to 1500 in 1v1 matchmaking. sometimes i play vs people who don’t even lure boars, other times I play vs vivi, fire, etc.

the team game ladder is an absolute joke. the top 50 has over 80% winrate which shouldn’t happen with a fair matchmaking system.

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Hmm that’s interesting if it’s still that wild. My 1v1 rating has settled for the most part personally, aside from maybe getting a string of one sided maps or civ picks against me (I still always random) and then I drop to the point where I am easily winning until it’s back to even matches.

On the team game side, I think it’s just that not enough people are playing them (probably because you can’t ban for 1v1s and also queue for team games). I’ve had even matches there and then horribly one sided ones. My rank and Elo on the team side has been much higher than 1v1s, which would just mean that there aren’t as many players in it.