Skins / Cosmetics / Modding

Would be great if we had all these in the game. Would keep people playing longer and more stuff to collect.

Skins and cosmetics could be brought. Helps support more content for the game. Could be used in all game modes with different on/off features.

Modding in the editor would be great to see what people make. New civs or completely different types of games. Would only be used in custom games. So its not competing with the skins store.


And F2P of course xD.

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I wonder when is the optimal time to go free to play?

Too fast and you anger the people who bought it.

Or do you make a free to play version that doesn’t have every thing? Like maybe it only has ranked/unranked, or maybe it only has access to some civs or something.

Like SC2, a well planned F2P (with paid quality campaigns, historical skins and cosmetics, etc.) I see as possible. I also paid at the time, but I think more valuable that there is more influx of people interested in the game than what I have spent.

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Yeah, SC2 waited quite a while before they went F2P though, like 7 years.

Some games perhaps need to be rushed further and further with a powerful RTS just around the corner.

Maybe best to build a good setup first.

Put a shop in the game
At least one campaign free
Make some games modes that are free, that use some of the brought items. Like co-op mode, survival, single player art of war missions
Have at least $100 worth of decent stuff. Not a rip off like coh3

New civs you need to pay for your already getting 10 for free

Then make it a free game

I would not force new civilizations to pay to play ranked, the rest is fine with me.