Skins for sheeps artwork [Paid customization discussion megapost]

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to share my new artwork - sheep skins, as well as consolidate all the information I gathered for this topic when I posted my concept skins for Rams and Springalds

Community Discussion

Skins are a topic of discussion among the community. Below, I have outlined the main pros and cons that can be highlighted from the comments under my posts on Reddit:


  • The ability to purchase cosmetic items that can finance the development of the game in the long term can be useful for its further promotion.
  • Some users feel that they can buy skins just to change the appearance of the model and not necessarily show them to other players.


  • Skins can spoil the aesthetics of the game for all users, not just for those who bought them.
  • Skins are not needed in the game, and developers should focus on balancing the game and other important features.
  • Skins can vary greatly from the original model, which can affect the readability and clarity of the game.
  • Developers should give players the ability to turn skins on or off.

Based on community discussion, I decided to experiment with this idea and came to the conclusion that skins would look most interesting on neutral units, such as animals. We already have a similar example in the game, which is the Enchanted Deer that fits perfectly into the environment and doesn’t interfere with players recognizing what’s in front of them and whether they should oppose it (I, honestly, was scared when I first saw him :grinning: ).

After thinking about all this, I came up with the idea of sheep skins (specifically those that your scout collects). Here's how it works in my head: Initially, the sheep on the map spawn in their original skins, but once your scout collects them, they convert (possibly with interesting animations) into your customized skin. This does not affect the gameplay, but it adds additional engagement to the scout race for sheep. Now, when your opponent's scout is trying to collect sheep from you, they will not only see your color on them, but also your beautiful and rare skin that you received for a high rank or bought in the in-game store. Isn't that wonderful?

Customized sheep can also have special sound effects and animations. For example, when they are converted, a small glow appears around the wizard-skin, and instead of the usual bell, some interesting "magical" sound can be played. If the enemy scout takes control of your "collected" sheep, the neutral skin will not change, but will simply change the player's in-match color - your branch of glory will remain with the sheep for the entire match, or until the peasant's club.

Here’s some concepts that i didnt finish

Please write your thoughts and comments on this idea, maybe I missed something!

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Great skins again. Maybe rank games they can be turned on and of. Custom games they are always on.

Custom game players would probably be the ones that buy skins more often.

Skins would be great for the game but not done like coh3. All there skins at the moment cost more than the full game and there not as close to the quality of yours

Awesome skin ideas! the wizard is an insta buy for me.

Definitely think the devs should get onboard with skins for the game. The starcraft 2 battlechest is a good blueprint to follow (buy the pass then play in that season to unlock the skins).

Also my 2 cents skins should be always ON for everyone. Enjoy the eye candy and the fact that those skins went to supporting the game.

Thanks for that!) I think that the timeframe of Coh3 is less conducive to customization creativity in general

you deserve a job at relic, and if u ever join, make sure you talk to the community and be our listening ears

relic should change the model from paid game to free and earn off skins

only downside is theyll need more expensive servers… but i suppose azure might be free for em

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Beautiful skin !!! If you knew how to do it for trebuchets, mangonel, … Hopefully they will integrate this kind of purchase in the game, I would be the first to buy! :joy:

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I don’t need sheep with skins!
They are boring as it is!
I want crocodiles, lions, bears, panthers, leopards, Moose, etc
Again I don’t need sheep with skins!
I will not pay for it, but I will accept it for seasonal rewards, at least it is better than those current boring rewards!

What I would like to see are the unit skins.
For example, the current Mongol unique unit Mangudais is really dull and got historically incorrect armor and bows.
But, also the state of the game is disastrous!
Unit animations are horrible!
For instance, horsemen and elephantos TUSK attack animations are atrocious!
No blood and gore made this medieval game completely boring for the setting!!!
Therefore, I don’t think anyone would purchase the skins for this game.

If they want to sell skins, they need to improve UI with unit images, better attack animations, blood, and gore!
Only after that, I would consider purchasing skins etc.

Would like to see other animals as well, blood and gore, skins all this stuff.

If the modding tools aloud all this someone that’s a decent moder could have done everything Microsoft has added in a whole year . I don’t know what a whole company is doing

This game should of been free to play then they would be adding stuff at least every month

Haha thanks! Maybe in some bright day. Also, is azure is not outdated for 2023?

i havent kept up to date, but azure being M$ and aoe being M$ wouldn’t it make sense? correct me if im wrong

You’re fully right. I was sure that all Microsoft companies were using something new, and interesting to hear about Azure, since I first heard about it in 2010-