Skins requested (comunity compilation)

It’d be awesome if the current skin could be the age 2 skin (or even age 1 since there’s a card that gives you one as a scout unit in that age) and they could get more elaborate armor when they’re upgraded.

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Yes, Malta order units needs their own skins, specially hussars and dragoons that are always avaliable to you.

That unique artilery crew also would be nice to have, maybe keep the “napoleonic” uniforms only for imperial age. And please, another good change would be changing gatling crew, they look very bad with tricorns


Oi guys are those pics mods? Did u do them? Could you share them xD


Is a modded hussar for Malta, still not uploaded. Yes, I recolor units for modding.

Sorry for the resolution but took them from capital as best as could.

I think this are nice models that could be used for Mexican villagers, that are left there.

Male Example:
Female Example:

Also soldiers, these from the parede look like most depictions of spanish soldiers at the time of Independence, could be used for soldado pre imperial instead or for the spanish musketeer.

Tulancingo Gendarmes could use a bronze colors in armor as records tell they did, Garrochistas could use a uniform like soldados.

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Codex Depiction

Statue from the Main temple of tenochtitlan, now in a Museum in Mexico.

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-09 at 14.16.31 (1)
WhatsApp Image 2023-11-09 at 14.16.30

Icon DE Updated

In game, Imperial age.

Its been talked about several times, Aztec wore full cotton suits, sometimes adorned with feathers or pelts. Helmet was made of carved wood (helmet). Lastly the color, Mexican eagle is brown as American but full brown, not white, gray or other color.

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Like these guys?


Yup, something like. I mean the hairstyles and some suits are from festivities and so, not what the mass of the population would use (as the insurgentes). But at least are not Europeans.

The problem that I see is they are too similar to these guys:

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