Skins requested (comunity compilation)

We could use this threat to expose all the skins that we could to want. I going to expose here all the skins that I personally request by my reasons. I hope that you put your skins requested too.

  • Maltese croshbows
    This units seems like s.XI.

I think that the new Portuguese skin would be better to this unit:
I’ll be adding to this list the most relevant changes I see

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I explain this point Here

Like the maltese croshbows, they should have a more modern armor

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This guy is wonderfully made! Is the first unit since I play this game that I can see and say “Portuguese guy!” Even the Cannoneer looks Spanish.


The new Portuguese crossbowman skin looks awesome.

However we might see the consulate version more because Portuguese would instantly research ordenanza XD.

consultate and etiopians

Ah, Malta

I’d love to replace these crossbows:

With this:

My bugbear with Maltese units is whilst I get that they’re meant to be the more archaic-looking Euros, chain was replaced with plate armour during this period. The current crossbows (and we’re not even looking at the other old-looking units yet…) look circa 12th century at a push.

The above photo, whilst shamelessly borrowed from a stock image site, was taken at the Valletta Palace Armory and is a legi t16th century Maltese crossbowman. He looks a 16th century renaissance chap and not 12th century medieval bloke.

The other Maltese offender is the Hospitaller. He should be plate-armoured with fancy pants, rather than chain-mailed like some 12th century crusader. The tech that gives him a top hat is actually more historically correct than the chain mail

I refer to my image I created in a previous topic:



Lol this image is literally the sentinels tier 3.



I forgot I mentioned that in said previous topic too :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically the Dev’s ‘serving suggestion’ image on the left that was used as art to promote the game is pretty accurate and looks different to the Sentinel tier 3. Give him a red sash instead of a cape and some bright baggy renaissance pants like the below image, and we’re there.


This for monks and disciples. Not more kung fu on the battleground, at least for normal attacks.

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Also, I think that the maltese Dragons, Hussars, Cuirassiers (the mexican one too) and Lancers need an unique skin.

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For Malta, maybe order units could have a simple Order tabard on.


may be too complex. too different skins for 1 civ. practically they already have their own skin when these units always have age 4 skins from age 2.

Well, like SirBarnzy1 says, these units could have a simple Order tabard on. To me, te only one to need a complete skin change is the hussar, the rest are somehow fine.

Other Maltese skin requests:

Would be nice if the textures used were similar to the Mediterranean building artwork - white walls / sandstone bricks rather than the out of place wood.
Commanderies are somewhat abstracted here which is fine - they were knightly headquarters and could be anything really, however they were often old castles/forts, fortified churches, palatial residences or manors etc - however the wooden appearance retained from the Campaign assets just feels a little Old West still. A simple changed in wall would make it for more authentic in appearance (the red tile roof is fine!).

Another obvious Campaign Asset sore-thumb is the Depot. Name change to Powder Magazine and again a texture change to Med walls is all it needs. Maltese really did have these Magazine doted around fortified areas.


Example Maltese magazine

Two relatively simple changes that help with the immersion of ‘Fortress Malta’, based on reality and importantly just a skin change (and rename). The current models are just clearly ripped from the campaign and still feel 1800s American so would benefit from looking a little more Med.

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I would love to see a skin for artillery. At this point the artillery of the Europeans is pretty much the same, apart from the Ottomans, so I would like the artillery to reflect the nation more, for example they added the skin of the British redcoats, I would like in this case that the British cannon crews be redcoats too with new skins.

There I explain for british, but I would like to see this for french, russian, swedes, portuguese, …

I have working on that:
This guy for Spanish

These guy for British

inspired by this image:
(I would prefered redcoats/grenadiers for British, but Royal Artillery was not part from regular army, so, they did not use the Redcoat)

And these guy for Maltese

Not totally polished, but still working.

Artillery is hard to modding, the body’s textures is weird.
I have not fully inspired to do the rest of civs’ artillery crew, I have not found good (and factible) images on the web. Although Stable Difussion can make inspiring material, I prefer keep them on historical tendencies.

In another topic,

No one can convince me that this image is showing the Armored Pistoleer, not the Hospitaller. However,

this is a way to do it. If devs change the head of this guy, we could have our Hospitaller.


Very nice work! It is true that many artillery crews are out of place for some civs.

As for the hospitalier knight, it’s a shame that we currently have a 12th century skin instead of a proper one that would fit the time frame of the game. I have no doubt that the knight on the artwork was supposed to represent the hospitalier. The poster was clearly showcasing Malta vs Italy

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And I forgot show the Mexican Cannon guys


Those skins are great - I’d love the Devs to see that work and implement similar.

As for the Brits, I’d not want to see anything other than blue for arty guys :smiley:

Hmm, i think that is in the right direction, however even that bucket helm he is wearing there would have been centuries old.

Maybe something open-faced like in the real examples above.

What would further distinguish the Hospitaller from a Pistoleer (which annoyingly use the most common plate armour of the 16th century) would be the Tabard - the Knights loved them!

The above image illustrates them still loving the Tabard well in the further ages. That example makes a good justification for Order units wearing them.


I was thinking on (re)made an Hussar skin for Malta, and I ended using the Tabard without knowing its name: