Skirmish - how to use a custom map?

I would really like to know how to use a custom map on skirmish! I can’t find any information on where to put the map in wich folder. No matter what solution I try, I only get “You du not have any custom maps loaded. Reverting.”

And second, how to choose what big map I wanna use? Does it have to be random?

Hi @Moen82, The solution I found is to create and save a blank scenario with a unique name and then search Windows for the file. Once you find the directory in search results, pin it to quick access and then you won’t need to search for the directory again.

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Thanks! I will try that now!

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@anon63664082, I still get the same message in Skirmish, when choosing Custom maps under Select type. I can load the file in “Story Mode” only? …

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For custom maps you need to place them here:

C:\Users\Games\Age of Empires 3 DE\RdmMaps

Then when you host a skirmish, select custom maps from the drop down.

Careful because it is a bit buggy and doesn’t always select the correct map. If that’s the case, reselect “all maps” and then try again.


@vividlyplain Do I create the RdmMaps-folder?
In the Age of Empires 3 DE-folder I have a folder full of numbers, Common and Logs. Should I create the folder here?

You shouldn’t have to create it… I didn’t have to anyway. Perhaps you need to play a game first?

@vividlyplain I have played several Skirmish-games since the game came out. Do I have to play one of the other game modes to make the folder appear?

No idea. Sorry, wish I could help with that.

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Thanks for this. I’m away from my gaming PC.

@Moen82 Were you able to manually create the folder and see if the game picks up your custom single player scenario?

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Sorry, but I still get the same message saying I have no custom maps loaded, even with the scenario-file moved to that folder. Wish I knew how to solve this.

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I’ll experiment with this after work and see what I can find out.


Sorry I am on my phone and for some reason the format of that pathway got messed up. This is correct:

C:\Users\Yourusername\Games\Age of Empires 3 DE\Weirdnumber\RandMaps


Okay, so a custom map is an XML file and should be saved to the directory:

    C:\Users\[username]\Games\Age of Empires 3 DE\[weirdnumber]\RandMaps

A custom scenario (single or multiplayer) is an AGE3YSCN file and should be saved to the directory:

    C:\Users\[username]\Games\Age of Empires 3 DE\[weird number]\Scenario

In order to choose a custom map you’ll click on Skirmish and then choose the custom map in game setup. In order to load a custom scenario, click the Load button on the main menu.


Thank you, thank you thank you, @anon63664082 and @vividlyplain! It’s working now!! Thank you for all the help! It also work for older custom made maps for the original AoE3! Maybe have this in a guide or something? I know a lot of people trying to find a solution.


Hopefully soon we will be able to play custom maps in multiplayer!

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