Skirmish - what are the three kinds of AI?

Under AI in the skirmish setup you can pick:


So what’s the difference between the three? I’m guessing (and it’s just a guess) that the first one is ‘DE’ version AI (is that the hardest?) and the ‘CD’ one is the original AI from the first release while the HD is from the ‘HD’ version.

But what’s the diff between each three?

The AI improves progressively over the different versions. AoE2 AI Battle! Definitive Edition vs HD vs AoC - YouTube might be worth watching to see some of the differences. Bear in mind that DE Extreme has also improved significantly since then, while I don’t think the others have received any improvements in a long time.


you guessed correctly. AI (DE) is the strongest by far, it can do things like push deer and even uses decent build orders

i guess the other ones are there for nostalia reasons (or because they werent sure how buggy the AI would be on release)

2 New AI vs 6 Old AI - YouTube 2 DE extreme AIs can beat 6 CD AIs