Skirmish - when do you start military units?

When do you stop 100% Villager creation and start making military units?

Is it by number of villagers you have? 50, 70, 100? Or is it by Age… Feudal, Castle?

stop villager creation around 110~130 vils, depending on the units i’m making.

start making military as soon as i get to feudal age. i don’t drush, so i never make militia. Usually go for archers as an opening, so as soon as i hit Feudal age, i’m dropping 2 archery ranges and pumping archers out of them.

when you’re 200 pop or when you intentially want to stacking food to go next age exemple : fast imp in castle vs castle situation to win treb war

Start making military in Feudal typically, if not earlier. Some builds/maps you might want to start in castle, or possibly even in Imp, although that is rare.

When 50% of the pop space is reached with villagers I think is the minimum so your eco is strong enough to focus on military units, for booming games.

For earlier attacks you have to adapt builds and keep making vills and military.

Against AI, I usually start making military in the Castle Age, and stop making villagers around 60-80, less than is probably best.

You don’t stop making villagers to start making military, you start doing both depending on your strategy, from Dark or Feudal Age.

If it’s a boom game on a closed map like BF and you want to fight in Imperial, at 200 pop I’d stop at 120 vills to make army only.

120 isn’t enough in general.
Most civs want to be around 130 when hitting imp, and later deleting some to make popspace for trade. For civs that spam cheap units (mainly byz/mayan) you can get away with a lower number, like 110; on the other hand, paladin civs might want to go up to 140 and if you go for elephants you might even aim for 150.


The answer to this question depends upon what type of strategy you are planning to employ. I take it you want to know the minimal economy for a vanilla civilization to perform a militia rush, called a Drush in slang. A Militia rush is not necessarily intended to transition into a larger military option, but rather to disrupt an enemy economy. Part of the answer is dependent upon how many militia you plan on employing, and if you plan on upgrading them to men at arms.

60-80 is way too few, you want to try and get at least 100 typically.