Skirmisher too strong in EW

At many games in RW5: Skirmisher was the most dominat unit. Some of the games won by just spamming skirmisher. I think the point is starting with extra vils and stable eco let players to create to many skirmisher, this situation prevent knight or archer snowball at castle age.

skirms are fine they are bad vs vills and cost food so slows castle time. they are good because archers are good and they are the best counter to archers


I agree with @VotelessHydra15, skirms costs food. Using your food for skirms slows uptime and reduces the amount of cavalry you can make.

More importantly, do not judge the strength of units in the hands of the best ten players in the world. In my hands, the skirms would all be lost to a couple of scouts.

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A skirms too OP post… huh Now I’ve seen everything


It’s because above 1800 elo crossbows are the most dominant unit due to micro potential to the point they win against knights even.

So it makes sense that everyone uses their direct counter.

Skirmishers die to nearly anything other than an archer. Even Halbs beat them up close.

Even vills win thanks to the minimum range. :rofl: