Slavic Mythology for Age of Mythology II

Slavic creatures have been super popular these past few centuries. Werewolves? Vampires? Witches? Zombies? Ghosts? Monsters from the Witcher? All of these monsters that you loved hearing and reading as a kid will perhaps make their debut in AoM: Retold or II.

Since these creatures thrive in the pale moonlight, I think it is important for AoM Retold or AoM II to have a day and night weather cycle.

When dusk begins, the townhall’s bell rings, and the echoes of the night creatures begin to grow stronger, the Slavic mythical units get a temporary buff to their stats until morning dawn.


Perun - God of Fertility, Thunderstorms, and Law

Veles - God of Earth, Livestock, and the Underworld

Chernobog - God of Bad Fate

Dazhbog - God of the Sun and Fire

Mokosh - Goddess of Harvest, Fate, and Fertility

Khors - God of Dawn and Righteousness

Slavic Bestiary:

  1. Baba Yaga - infamous sisters who are hags/witches. They fly around in their mortars casting dark magic.
  2. Balachko - horrifying 3 headed giants who can spit fire and cold winds on each head.
  3. Bauk - Slavic’s boogeyman/creature. It has an other-worldly gait and loves to kill at night. It dwells in dark places.
  4. Besomar - powerful demons of pure malice and anger. They need hosts to manifest themselves in game.
  5. Bukavac - a demonic mythical creature with six legs and gnarled horns. It produces a terrifying loud noise and would latch onto people and strangle them.
  6. Domovoy - a hairy-like household spirit that helps around the house. Strengthens and hastens household productions and crops in game. They spawn in twos - a domovoy and a kikimora in game.
  7. Kikimora - a female malevolent house spirit a dog snout, chicken beak, and somewhat resembles a goat with glowing eyes. They can slow down productions and the economy in game. They spawn in twos - a domovoy and a kikimora in game.
  8. Leshy - forest dwelling entity who is a guardian to some and a killing machine to others.
  9. Milosnitse - plague demons cloaked in black. Only way to avoid these demonic creatures is to appease them. You will kick the bucket once you are inflicted with the plague curse.
  10. Nav - nightmarish creatures created from dead babies. They look like huge black birds with baby heads that attack people.
  11. Psoglav - Creatures with horse hind legs, human torso, and a dog head with iron teeth and a single eye. They are notorious for killing people.
  12. Skrzak - winged imps that attack in a frenzy rage. Their laughter will drive anyone insane.
  13. Vampir - essentially vampires. Not to be confused with Dhampir which are half human, half vampires.
  14. Vila - female fairies who can help their allies or may act in malice towards their enemies.
  15. Vodyanoy - frog-like face with greenish beard. They can destroy dams and docks. They can also drag people underwater to kill or enslave them.
  16. Vukodlak - werewolves/lycanthrope.


Zmey Gorynych - a fearsome triple headed dragon that can fly. Kind of like King Ghidorah if you will lol.

Lock your doors, shut the windows, blow out the candles, and hide your loved ones in the basement because the Slavic creatures are coming for you.

Should the Slavic Mythology be added to Age of Mythology II?
  • YES! Harnessing these terrifying and world renowned creatures and wreaking havoc at your fingertips would be awesome!
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