Slavic, Turkish, Vietnamese, and Portuguese Balance Suggestions

Yes, Turks are crap.

I see that as a mid-late game bonus, because it smooths the transition to other army composition a lot.

In example: it is useful for upgrading the skirms in post imperial.

Maybe bulgarians should be pushed towards transitioning even more, with a bonus such as: upgrading techs are researched 50%faster.

Goths are still trash. The only thing that they can do now is trying to lame the ■■■■ out of everyone thanks to that ■■■■■■■ free loom. Send your vills forward, find a boar, palisade wall your vill and kill a boar, lame the berries and some other ■■■■. That is literally everything the goths have become.
If the goth player fails the lame or play standard he dies to literally every good civ, especially now that you can’t go straight to castle anymore and you have to play feudal.

They didn’t make the civ better, they gave them the possibility to lame the ■■■■ out of the opponent. That is not a smart way to buff a civ, since they remain bad in every situation that doesn’t have a lame involved

I thought adding Steppe Lancers to Turks and making Elite Steppe Lancer free for Turks. And it doesn’t change their civ identity. Still no trash.

Why Steppe Lancers? Sipahis was also melee but 20 hp to Hussars with full armour causes overpowered unit i thought adding it can be good idea.

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At land map usually you don’t research Cannon Galleons. And Turks after losing all of golds can train just generic Hussar. Your savings in Imp which looks like big but M@A upgrade looks cheap for late game but in early game it doesn’t cheap. I recommend checking Spirit of the Law’s enfluation video. And I still laugh to a unique tech which costs stone.

seljuk turks
which may or nmay not also be covered by tatars
play manzikert

No they’re not. They’re decent on Arabia and mediocre on water and hybrid maps. Not even a top-10 popular civ in any of the maps at any level. If you feel they’re powerful, keep picking them till you attain your natural rating and then you’ll see how stronger civs for that map fair against Slavs.

These 2 lines don’t make any sense at all. If Boyars aren’t doing a good job at replacing Paladin, why should cavaliers be taken away?

Glad, you’ve mentioned that its a bad idea yourself. Portugese lack powerful units and Feitorias aren’t pop-efficient till like 1.5+ hr game time. They’re good for Islands and limited resource maps, so very situational. They were buffed 3 patches ago only because they were extremely useless before that.

He probably might have said that before the patch where they got wood-free eco upgrades. Now they’re a pretty decent civ and quite good on maps like Arena. No need for free cavalry related upgrades to an anti-archer archer civ.

Sipahi 2x train faster would duplicate Cumans’ Steppe Husbandry. Artillery 2x faster might be OP on maps like Black forest. Their gunpowder already trains 25% faster with their team bonus.

A good idea, probably might come up in whichever next patch gets Civilization balance.

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Just because some youtuber said that doesn’t mean this is the case. Don’t get me wrong he has good knowledge about some aspects of the game but imo he certainly isn’t the one to consult about balancing because oftentimes his perspective on the game isn’t in line with how you’d approach it competitively.

More generally, although vietnamese indeed is an archer civ it is not a one-dimensional one. It’s actually more versatile than the average archer civ and they can perform well on different kind of maps (pretty good on both arabia and arena).

True. Saving wood means you can have one extra farmer… And If you use your scouting bonus to push deer, you can do a good scout rush with vietnamese confortably.

The scout and wood bonus also allow for other crazy strategies like tower rushes.

thanks for your feedback @Pulikesi25 @Davyman3583

But if you notice it already recieved a nerf in the last months and because of that its a civ that isnt that used nowadays. Its just an average civ

Vietnamese are really fine as they are.
They have great archers, have one of the hardest counters to other archer civs, are having passable Cavaliers, and light cav (better than Japanese for sure) and get the option of Elephants, which honestly is a great option. Elephants are often more useful than Siege to destroy buildings if your enemy goes Cavalry. Decent infantery and FU bombard cannon.
Only thing that’s underwhelming are their unique techs, but Chatras to be fair is quite cheap (12 resources per HP instead of the 10 resources blood lines gives). I think Vietnamese is one of the more versatile civs in the game.
They are the only civ that gets FU Arbalests, who’s elephants are able to hold their own in Imp and FU bombard cannon is something only 11 civs get. Sure you will almost always have archers as your main army. But you have a plethora of other units you can pair them with. Your infantery is good, your Cavalry is far from bad, only tech I wish they would have is Parthian tactics.

Wait a moment, paper money deserves some respect! I see that as a B-plan tech: one you invest while being raided and in need of some extra gold. I use it in TG similarly. It is not so useful when your team has trade or you have a healthy eco, it is for eco crysis

It is niche, but not bad. There are far worse imperial UT techs. Also, given that vietnamese have not FU hussars nor halbediers, ir is useful as last ressort during trash wars.

I cover some of this suggestion in this article

A nice bonus is to give +5 population for mills, lumber camps, and mining camps.

slavs are in a perfectly balanced spot. they are good, but there are ways to counter. taking away cavaliers would nerf them to ground since you will hit imp without anything to really upgrade. only option left then would be inf + siege play, but that would make them incredibly onesided. also bojars are in a great spot since the last buff they got.

dont like it at all. portuguese are a heavily underrated civ. no need to buff them. if you touch the eco only the slightest bit, they gonna be straight away unbeatable on water.

i dont know how old the sotl video is, but vietnamese have access to husbandry for quite a while now. also they have fully upgraded cavalier + arbalest, rattan archer and imp skirm. since they also have the eco bonus with not investing wood into eco upgrades they are a really strong civ.

i would not touch turks before CA and gunpowder units are fixed in DE to make them as good as they were in HD or voobly.

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This. Most civs would be buffed a lot with slight changes to CA, Long Swordsman, and HC. Portuguese maybe would be the biggest winners from this.

They lack blast furnace, so their cavalier is not FU. However, they still tank a lot of damage (which is the Vietnamese specialty: less damage but high tanking pushes).
Vietnamese castle age also would benefit from changes to CA and longswordman. Their CA is very tanky (despite not having partian tactics in imperial age), and their eco bonus and tech tree allow them to be very flexible regarding their transitions.