Slavs and theyr usless Boyar

Hi I think that Boyar is a usless unit. Ok so usles as they dont do anything that cavalier cant do much cheaper. They counter only paladin wich slav already counter with druzhina wich has about same Research cost for much cheaper unit that can be made at barracks

Hera put it best

I wrote some + and - to show why they are bad

  • high armor that only helps against Paladin, Champion and Egels so not that great becous they counter thoes with druzhina and cheaper sige
  • they get destroyed by halbs and camels (becous of bonus attack is so high) cav archers and foot ARCHERS doestroy boyar and cav should counter them normaly (130 hp and 2 pa) and befor really high cost upgrade just (100 hp and 1 pa)
  • cost same as cavalier to produce (cav_f60 g75/boyar_ 50f g80) but cost so much more to be upgraded to even be come close to cavalier (cav_f300 g300/ boyar f1000 g600)??? and druzhina cost (f1200 g500) for halbs wich then destroy paladin wich Boyar should to but kill paladin slowly becous of halbs or even pikeman bonus attack
  • so they are just slightly cost effective vs paladin but they kill them so slow its not even worth it and if you add anything to paladin the Boyar just die while palaind can tank and boyar cant
  • and not so cost effective against champion and eagles(wich not many civs have) cous few spear and again they are dead

My suggestion to improve
So for the cost they should have better Pierce armor then paladin becous they already have 30 hp less or give them like about 180 hp so they are just tanks who take a lot of dmg but dont give out much.
Maybe reduce cost or maybe upgrade?!

anyone got any good ideas how to make them at least useful at something?

Well from what we’ve seen in the leaked patch, they’re going to give Boyar 1 extra pierce (stupid idea honestly)

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i hope it goes to the non upgraded Boyar if it happens but i really dont think its enough

It does start from Castle Age.

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no it was clearly extra pierce for both, so normal Boyar will have 2 and Elite will have 3 like paladin. That’s clearly more than enough for a civ with a strong eco like Slavs, and considering how its easy its to tech into Boyar and mass em up with their 14 second creation time

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oh maybe you didnt understand what i meant to say about them. I dont think they should be made OP or anything just that they have a good reason to be made.
Goths without Huskarl is not even a civ then
Slavs without Boyar stay the same
Byzantins dont need cataphract but lets say you are agains mass infantry or camels they destroy but anything else they are not really good
I just whant them to do something useful hahaha
so my suggestion to just making them more tanky against all and not good at killing and a bit slower (cous now they are like cataphract but bad)

Well there are a lot of civs who don’t need their UUs to be good. They’re not useless at all, I used them to hunt down those pesky Elite Eagles in my allies’ base, they did amazing


ok sure but to make cavalier is cheaper and you can make more for same cost as elite boyar just becous of the upgrade cost and they would do the same job

The Boyar is already a super strong Cavalry unit, that beats Paladin 1 on 1. It is not useless at all, nor is it supposed to be the focus of Slav gameplay.

Slavs have a great UU that does the job a UU is supposed to do: Support unit.
Slavs main units are the Infantry and Siege lines. Their Archers and cavalry are just there to help your Druzhina Champions connect, and destroy all enemy Melee.

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In any multyplayer game they are usles and they kill the paladin if the other player just slams them into boyar. They cant protect anything becous everything can ignore them while they slowly try to kill. They are to expesive for one really specific job. And about killing champioms it the other player just adss a few helebards they just melt

Slavs are supposed to play with Infantry and Siege, not Boyars anyway. Boyars are just there to snipe Archers and enemy Siege, which could arm your Infantry.

They are a support unit, and a good one at that.