Slavs Civ new DLC

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it would be great if in a future DLC the Slavs would split to multiple Civs or at least a rework of Slavs (maybe to Rus?) and a addition of 1-2 new civs like croatians/dalmatians for example.

We have already poles, magyars and bulgarians which were also slavs and which shows how different slavs where back then.

There are still many left:
There are east-slavs (russia, ukraine, belarus)
West-slavs (czech, slovakia, poles)
And south-slavs (croatia, bosnia, slovenia, serbia, bulgaria)

What do you guys think?


no, just slavs poles magyars are enough as it is


Magyars are not slavs bulgarians are a mix between local slavic people and bulgar turkic people.

Current slavs are these rus principalities.

Game already have bohemians and poland.


I already wrote a topic on this:

czech, poles, bulgarians are in game long ago.

Belarus didn’t exist, it was just some areas of Rus and Lithuania.

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A DLC fully splitting the Slavs once and for all is needed I think.

Ruthenians (renamed Slavs)
Vlachs (who are the civ for the Dracula campaign)


Rename slavs to Rus add romanians and albanians,both are not slavic people.


And that is absolutely enough.


They can be represented by the Venetian civ using a Stradiot unique unit.

Of course, Venetians civ should give way to breaking umbrella civs (Teutons, Vikings, Slavs, Saracens) and adding civs from missing areas (mostly Africa; America).

Why?they are completely different people groups.

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Albania was part of the Republic of Venice.

The same could be done by creating civ Swedes who could have a Finno-Ugric unique unit to represent the Ugofins: Finns, Karelians, Estonians and Sami.

In 1149 the Swedes began to control the south-western part of Finland.

Already in 1160, this part of Finland became part of the Kingdom of Sweden.

In 1294, a large part of Finland was already part of the Kingdom of Sweden.

This is what the lands belonging to Magnus IV Ericson - the king of Sweden and Norway - looked like. During his rule, Sweden covered almost most of its current territory (not counting Skåne) and they had control over almost the entire territory of modern Finland (including Lapland).

The breaking of the Kalmar Union by Sweden and the coronation of Gustav I Vasa opened the way to the creation of a power in the not too distant future.

The son of Gustav I Vasa, Eric XIV began the expansion of the Swedish Kingdom into Estonia;

Later, Gustav I Vasa’s second son, John III, began the expansion of the Swedish Kingdom into Karelia and continued to conquer Estonia;

The third son of Gustav I Vasa, Charles IX, despite the lack of territorial expansion during his rule, contributed to the golden era of Sweden and making it an empire - he fathered Gustav II Adolf.

Albania was under ottomans and serbia also but does that mean they are the same people?

Having to couple sweden and finland is out of necessity we cant make a finnish only civi unless its made up of fantasy elements like huns and cumans.

Rumanians ARE slavic at 1/3. I kept telling ya that numerous times. They are slavs + gipsy + post-romans.

Lol. Totally not.

So lets make a gypsy civi then and call them romanian.A civi with pack unpack buildings would be a unique civi design as well.

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Gipsy in their pure form never had civilization. They are a wandering people who live anywhere. They got their country only thanks to this merger. What style of architecture to choose for them is up to the authors to decide; it doesn’t matter to me personally. But the Vlachs should be in the game, if only because there is their campaign.


Are they not included in a romanian umbrella?



Certainly, here’s a brief overview of the differences among the various Slavic peoples in the Middle Ages:

The Slavic peoples of the Middle Ages, despite their common origins and languages, exhibited several notable differences. These variances encompassed political organization, religion, cultural influences, and economic practices.

Political Organization:

  • West Slavic peoples, such as the Poles and Czechs, developed centralized kingdoms with strong monarchies.
  • East Slavic peoples, like the Kievan Rus, had more federal structures and fostered the emergence of city-states.


  • West Slavs embraced Christianity, particularly of the Latin rite, whereas East Slavs adopted the Orthodox faith.
  • South Slavic peoples, including Serbs and Croats, displayed a diversity of religious influences due to their geographical location.

Cultural Influences:

  • West Slavs were more influenced by Western cultures, reflected in their art, architecture, and written language.
  • East Slavs absorbed many influences from Byzantium and developed the Cyrillic alphabet.

Economic Practices:

  • East Slavs had an agrarian-based economy, relying on agriculture and trade.
  • West Slavs developed more advanced trade networks and were more integrated into European commerce.

These differences led to diverse developments and shaped the medieval history of the Slavic peoples.


I think that a nice solution would be to release well-made campaigns and civs by fans as full-fledged content in DLCs for AoE 2.

One such fan-made campaign and civs that could be released officially is: Tomislav Campaign & Croatians civ. This wonder was even highlighted by the creators.

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What is romanian umbrella?

All three romanian principalities wallachia transylvania and moldova under a single civilization called romanians.