Slavs strategies

I have begun training with the Slavs civilization. I’d like to know what you guys think is the best strategy with them? It may just be a strategy you like. Anything goes. I will keep my strategy tests confidential till I have mastered them. After that I’ll gladly share with you guys.

I know that everytime I try to siege+halbs with them I fail miserably to bombard cannons and other siege/siege+archer/infantry (ethiopians, celts, khmer, mongols, saracens).
So I’d like advices too.

Right. One thing I’ve learned is, you must adapt your strategies towards the opponents you play. Meaning build accordingly. If your playing against archer civilizations and it is clear to you they will be going arch, build cav over inf. So on and so forth. Focusing counters is a must. Also preparation for a counter of that counter. I am learning that, however, Siege is an overall good choice regardless of what civ you play against and comps they go for.

I like to have Rams & Halbs in front, SO behind protected by Boyars. Interrested in your future findings :wink:

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Ill give u a teaser… throw scorpions in the mix.

Recently i have a crush on Scorpions. I like that unit a lot.

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I feel like i cannot mass scorpions enough, i always end up loosing some. Plus all that siege is expensive even for slavs ! I love SO + Boyars : with good micro you either win magistrally or loose heroically 11

i found out why your siege is expensive. you’re teching to siege onager.
that’s 2250 food and 1500 gold right there. throw in elite boyar at another 1k food and 600 gold and its no wonder things are expensive. siege onager isn’t something you should research in 1v1 alot. its like paladin.


You’re right ! Still, I love it. It’s playing slavs with panache !

Especially as Siege can only be part of an army, not the backbone of it. If you going for paladin you do it with knowing you will produce a lot of them and you will also lose a lot of them, needing to replace them.
If you lose a lot of onagers, regardless if upgraded, You will lose the game anyways. So an upgrade which needs a lot of them to built to pay off is actually terrible for a unit, that you don’t wanna lose.
In that case it would have been much better to build anything that protects your onagers from being killed instead.

Hence Siege Onager is one of the worst upgrades in 1v1s.

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Depends on the map ofc.

On arabia: I guess a consensus has formed that their best approach is all-in castle age (usually after 3 tc boom) knights and siege (mostly mangonels, maybe add some rams to take down defensive buildings when opponent doesn’t have much army around or if you can’t overwhelm pikes with knight mass add scorpions). Against camel play you probably want to go knights and pikes.

On arena: In most civs matchups you wanna play halb/SO. Not really affordable on open maps but on closed maps totally doable. Get some castles up to push with trebs behind that and if opponent has bbc you need to stall a bit and make a good number of siege rams. Against meso and civs with very bad cavalry your goal would be champs and SO.

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Yep. Back in the day I had a strategy with them. If micro’d well they could make a really powerful composition especially with siege related civs.

Yeah they are vulnerable, but with 2-3 mangonels in the mix you will hardly lose any from archers.

I tend to avoid the siege onager upgrade till I max and save up the recourses…

There’s nothing that scares me more than a scorpion when I’m going archers, and that’s one.


Me too, @FoughtBird1976.

I’m actually FoughtBird and I’d like to apologize for evading my ban, I’m sorry I’ll never do it again. I will never break the rules again. I feel terrible having done this and I hope you guys can find it in your heart to forgive me.

It depends on if it’s 1v1 or a team game. For team I love rams mixed with champs and halbs. I use SO sparingly unless we’re getting pushed. Boyards are VERY expensive so I only use them late in the game for an eco raid or seige-killing barrage. If your teammates are competent and the game’s “already won” they are fun to mass in hit-and-run groups while cycling back to monks (you lose very few due to strong armor).

But my #1 tip for Slavs - the one that makes them SUPER powerful and everyone forgets to do… well let’s just say it involves combining the 3 things in my 2nd sentence. Most forget this is something to do, but the river of tears from your opponent makes it oh so beautiful.


Using Monks is something I have to work on. Definitely a troop I avoided most of the time in my early years, but now, with these slavs training sessions and strat builds practices, I always have a few around to collect relics and heal troops. I also will develop strats that revolve around converting your opponent to your side and eventually surrender.