Slavs Tips

Anyone have any good Slav tips for me? I started using them and I think I actually like them. I just feel like they have weak units.


Ignore Archery Range, go for Stables, and in Imp go for Halbs + Onagers and Heavy Scorpions.


Druszhina is you win botton

But is expensive and late.

Use the farm bonus, and boyards to get to that point

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are you saying that just clicking on druzhina guarantees victory?

No, but once it is researched, you have the best Infantry for mass fights.
You can literally get 30 Halbs and beat 40 Paladins, if you concave them, with Druzhina.

That’s a lie. Druzhina in best circumstances let’s you kill paladins in 4 attacks instead of usual 5. Which means that halbs still lose hard against equal number of paladins (both units kill each other in 4 hits, but paladin attacks ~50% faster).

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Imo the boyar isnt as great as other civs main units, and is more of a support unit than a main army unit due to training time.

Unfortunately you’re likely going to have to learn to micro the mangonel line in order to maximise slav efficiency…

As a head to head fight with other cav civs will see them winning due to their actual cav bonuses (eg Frank eco, and military bonuses, teuton armour and eco, berber cheap cav or even camels etc) and you’ll have to leverage your siege discount in order to maximise your civ bonuses vs archer civs ie learn to use mangonels… Once you have then slavs are ace…

If you listen to these guys and try to win with druz, at higher elo you’ll just get rekt before you get the chance to finish teching druz…(i mean even 1200 should be rekking you before then)

I mean yeah sure if your enemy is stupid then that’s the types of fights you’ll be taking…

Except that Druzhina is quite expensive (if not the most expensive UT in the game) and requieres a castle, most pros tend to delay the tech because the huge investment.
And don’t forget the Slavic Champions are quite deadly in a infantry war with this tech, in fact this tech is the reason of why Slavs have hope against Goths.

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Slavs play out quite differently depending on the map. On open maps they work best as an all-in castle age civ with knights and siege. Alternatively they are very good at full feudal play (scouts) due to farming bonus. On closed maps it’s usally champs/siege or halb/siege.

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Dark age
I am not a big fun of militia aggression, but It is actually viable with them since you have to build one less house. Otherwise follow a scout build…

feudal age

Scouts are a good option. A food intensive strategy allows your faster farmers to shine. Actually you can do whatever strategy you want to in mid-late feudal, simply because your eco is superior. You are also very good vs eagles since supplies is free.

castle age
You can go archers into xbows, but then you need to switch to something else. Knights are great, the farmers help you to go Knights while booming. Siege are cheaper this helps a lot.

Despite they are classified as infantry and siege, they can be played (often they are actually) as cavalry civ until mid imp.

If needed you have very good monks and FU infantry with free supplies.

imperial age
Early imp you can stay cavaliers, very solid and FU. Otherwise you can switch to halabs + siege.

In the later stages, halabs + SO is the strongest combo.

SRs and heavy scorpions are FU and cheaper, great addition. Recall also you have FU hussars: you can easily spam them thanks to the farmers.

Late imp you should research the imperial UT: extremely expensive but very good. Also champions do benefit from it.

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