Slight changes (not balance changes)

This month, the balance patch will be released. It’s a few days away and a lot of people have been waiting eagerly. Sure there will be balance changes, but I am here to suggest some other changes.

  1. Eagle Scout line moved to slot 3 in Barracks. Eagle Warrior and Elite Eagle Warrior Upgrades moved to slot 8 (just below the unit).

  2. Condotierro moved to slot 4 (from slot 3). Huskarl and Elite Huskarl at Barracks moved to slot 9 (below Condotierro).

  3. Tarkans and Elite Tarkans at Stable moved to slot 3 (same as that of Camels). In full tech tree mode, these units be shifted to slot 13 instead of some confusion happening.

  4. Steppe Lancers and Battle Elephants share a common slot at 4. In full tech mode, the Steppe Lancet gets shifted to slot 14 and not the Elephant because Steppe Lancers are less common. But here’s a problem. Elite Steppe Lancer upgrade and Elite Battle Elephant upgrade share slot 9. This means that you first need to research Elite Battle Elephant, before researching Elite Steppe Lancer. The only free slot left is slot 13, except fot Huns, which get Tarkan there. I have tried but slot 15 always gets some error. Maybe it’s is reserved for next page. Slot 5 is for gather point. Slot 10 is for ejecting all units inside the building.

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