Slingers and Chariot Archers - Any balance changes?

Slingers and chariots archers are too good. We have lots of cool units but they don’t matter since slingers rip thought everything. Most of the matches are usually slinger wars and nothing else. If players somehow manage to end 20+ mins of slinger era and age up to the bronze age then the match turn into chariot wars.

seriously why does slingers counter everything including buildings meanwhile units like scouts don’t counter anything properly. Or why does chariot archers perform better than some of the gold units. Why dont we keep the meta and the playerbase alive with interesting balance changes. I don’t understand.

I said it several times, the Slinger is not as powerful as some say, besides that in Bronze they are totally useless. In addition to this unit costs stone, the second most scarce resource. And he does not receive armor improvements, such as the archer. In fact, I would like you to have an improvement in later ages.

As for the chariot, it is powerful, but it is not like you say that all the games do not reach Iron.
Maybe increasing its cost a bit, it could be 50F 70W. Because in Iron, they lose effectiveness.
Currently the Cavalry has defense against arrows. It would be nice to also give some extra bonus to the Camel against Chariot Archers and Horse Archers.

The issue with slingers is when you have a lot of them. They can take down even the axeman in Tool Age. I watched a game between two pretty decent players. One started with axemen but transitioned to slingers because the axemen were not working… There has been a little discussion over what could be done to slingers before, eg. give them 1 base attack and then another +1 bonus to archers. This would make them just as effective as archer counters but would need to watch out for melee units now.

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“the Slinger is not as powerful as some say”
Whereas it is not overpowered (like Chariot Archer used to be) it is still a good choice at almost any given time. Slingers can be easily transitioned into (From Axe rushes) and there is no weak match up when using them. If Tool Age fight are prolonged then transitioning into Slingers is always a good choice because there is no counterplay to it.

Slingers in bronze Age have +4 damage (7 in total) versus Chariot Archer making them somewhat useful in Bronze, but i do agree with you that they could have a Bronze Age upgrade.

Camel Riders have +4 damage versus all chariot units and +8 damage versus all cavalry units (including Horse Archers). +4 damage versus chariots is fairly low and upping it to 8 could be good idea.


Tottaly agree. They need to be balanced again.

slingers n chariots are totally fine. Chariot Archers get killed by cavarly and even hoplites now. Just play more games and you will get to know.

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Yes we all know that slingers don’t transition well into bronze+ ages but the problem with slinger is that you can’t turtle against a slinger spam. You can’t counter them either. They destroy everything tool age offers including towers, walls, ships, scouts etc. (i still think scout needs to counter slingers.)

Slingers not being good after the second age is irrelevant when you can’t go beyond second age against a slinger spam. Only way to deal with them is spamming slingers yourself which shows that they need some changes in my opinion.

The Tool Age does not offer much generally, so if someone spends so many resources in a rush of slingers, the best thing you can do is go to Bronze and have an advantage.
I think the Scouts are good at counteracting the slingers, since they do not develop armor. An Scout in Tool has 3 + 2 attack and 0 + 2 armor, and 60 HP. Unless you refer to 30 slingers against 3 scouts, I think they do their job well.

Charriots are totally fine. Composite archers are a good counter too, not just knights and camels.

But I think that axemen should have a defense bonus against slingers. This would balance the cycle of Axemen > Slingers > Archers > Axemen, ya know? Right now, if your opponent can hide a group of slingers, they are dangerous because the only counter against a large group of slingers are slingers emselves. And two civs don’t have them.

Ive never seen anyone to go fast bronze against slingers or deal with them with scouts. Is there a video or something i can watch?

  • i feel like you can’t ignore slingers and go bronze because they will destroy your walls, houses, towers and other buildings. AND they are ranged lol

  • Slingers has the advantage of being ranged. If you have 15+ of them, all of them will be attacking in a battle since they don’t have to be next to their target. They waste no time with the relatively clunky pathing of this game. Meanwhile your scouts will have to tank that massive slinger dps, they need to waste their time getting close and they can’t focus on attacking a single unit like a ranged unit. So i think scouts should have a small bonus against slingers so enemy has to position his units well against scouts to keep his slingers alive.

  • Also slingers require 50 percent less food compared to the scouts (which is a big deal since you also need lots of food for vills, upgrades and aging up).

  • And finally making scouts has a slow start since you need to wait till agin up and have a barracks beforehand to build a stable. Meanwhile for slingers you can have your barracks be ready in the stone age.

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Good point. I hope the devs are reading this topic.