Slow the game and auto save game


with a friend, he always says that after 20 minutes, there is too much thing to do and he isn’t able to manage everything. And it’s why he loose.
On the HD version we can make the game faster up to 8 times. I don’t see the purpose but it never annoy someone.
Could it be possible to have the same thing but to slow down the game. And at the down to x0.1

In chess game, there is something very funny, replay a game at an interesting stage. On AOE2, it’s not possible because when we relaunch the game we can’t see at what stage we are. We can’t put the game in pause a move the map and plan action like in single player. To replay a game it’s will never be as chess because there is no fog of war and we can’t make a player forget what he has seen.

It would be great to be able:

  • Slow down the game to x0.1
  • active Pause (able to move the map and plan action like in single player)
  • auto save game every 5 minutes(a button in setting to auto save game)

Well it is at its core an RTS game, maybe its not a game for your friend


Yeah, “active pausing” and reloading at multiplayer matches would make as much sense as in a fighting game.

And about the slow, I don’t even think that is possible to slow down that much, plus slowing the speed that much hardly would be beneficial to play. Imagine moving units or creating new ones 10 times slower!

I think that the best thing to take in mind when struggling with the game is that games are “disposable”. Matches aren’t campaign challenges. If you fail, get over and try again, eventually you will improve from your practice.

But even if that doesn’t work, as JoJo said above the best thing would be looking for better fitting games. Stuff like They are Billions or Frostpunk.


The question to ask, does it impact your game if you don’t like it?

  • active pause no
  • the possiblity to slow the game, no because you don’t play in x4

There is undred of thing that you don’t like in the game, but it have no impact on you as the max of pop you always choose 200. The game mod, you play normal, regicid, deathmatch but have you ever play once to wonder race?
What is the % of game you play with low resources or high, start no dark age or set limite age to something else than imperial?

If 1% of player want something that have 0 impact on the 99% of other users why not give them that? For dev, reduce the game speed is very easy.
Remember what make most user of 1.0/c to forgotten empire, the fact that we can go up to 1000 of pop. They play a game or two with that and understand that it’s not a good idea. After that user discover that new civ are well balanced, many bug disappear… and everyone love that version.

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Is a great game.

However Real Time Strategy does not equal to chess. Chess has turns. In RTS decisions are made simultaneously and continuously.

Civilization has turns.

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Each ELO matters. It’s serious as death.

This is not a matter of taste, your wishes have to do with engine limitations and profound contradictions to how the game is designed to work. It is a RTS.

I will ignore you making random assumptions about me without even knowing myself, but even though that stuff you said not being default and the most played settings, they are merely variations on the default play; still attached to the working core of the game. What you’re proposing is to turn a RTS game into a slideshow. Even if all of it were possible (what, again, I don’t think that is), wouldn’t make sense anyway.

This is even more of a weird argument. Why would the development team direct efforts to features that wouldn’t impact 99% of the players?

There are already things like tutorials to do; replays to watch; campaigns and challenges to beat; multiple difficulty levels on AIs to confront; for the player to improve their play with the game. Sticking to those would be way more benefitial than the ones that you suggest.


But I hardly doubt that we are discussing about ranked.

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Unranked elo! >:o >:o

Yes, they are casual gamers. But who care?
If you are on DE, you like the fact that AOE2 evolve. The community is not the same than ten years ago.
10 years ago, AOE2 multiplayer was on game ranger and on game ranger 60% of game was CBA or game like that. To find normal game was very hard.

Because then it’s just UI clutter and a waste of dev resources that could be put to features or bugfixes important for the other 99% of players.


I think you don’t know how we can modify the game speed. You have press a button on your keyboard.
You can choose between 3 game speed in game setting but you can go further with your keyboard.

Everyone want bugfixes or somme wonderful features. But to modify option of game speed, it take 30 minutes for a dev.

What are the speeds possible in DE? 0.1 is way too slow, but maybe down to 0.5 for those who like to take their time :joy: The “lock speed” setting already exists in lobby, so why would adding a slower time parameter be such a huge effort?
We definitely should not be telling him to find another game because his friend likes a lower speed in casual games, It’s not like this is an uncommon problem that some have with the genre.

Obviously active pausing has no place in a real time strategy game, it could constantly get abused during micro intensive moments.

I personally wouldn’t like way slower games.

Also, active pausing is absurd in MP since when one pauses, it’s usually to fix something (or has something important happened to them in real life).

As for Auto-Saves, that would be highly desirable. Every 5 mins would be too much for me; but once every 10 or 15 minutes would be good. A user-specified interval would be ideal, because I’d want 15 or 20 mins, TBH.

And I would want an option for incremental saves; not over-write on itself every time. And specify a filename of my choosing.

Seems like the code was changed for MP saves whereby I no longer have the ability to customize the name of the saved games, and it seems like it probably overwrites itself every time. HD used to let me customize MP save names, and append a -1, -2, -3, etc. to the end.

Play on the slowest setting and use the Treaty option with your friend. Once the treaty is over its time to fight and you all can pause the game as much as you like.

Firstly it’s not all about ‘you’. To be honest, I read it like this

It’s a manner of speaking to use ‘you’ rather than ‘one’, ‘yourself’ rather than ‘oneself’.

I actually think the game speed request is reasonable, barring whether it’s easy/difficult to implement, or whether it’s a priority etc. The argument was reasonable, there really are a lot of non-standard settings for MP available so why not one more?

I’m not sure active pause could really work in MP, maybe in unranked it could be an option, or vs ai? A compromise would just be able to navigate the map while paused but not issue commands, again in say unranked/vs ai etc. (this one would impact other players more than say the speed setting)

The game autosaving every 5 mins could probably slow down the game in multiplayer. Is it possible to enable a 5 min autosave interval in single player already?

You can already active pause against the AI

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Yep this and you can actually give commands during the pause too, unlike in MP.

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Is it like this if you’re playing 2v2 vs only ai with a friend? As in you’re in a multiplayer lobby but just set up against the ai?

It would just be surprising that the game would adjust like that in multiplayer knowing its against ai.

Only single player, not in mp.