Small buff to Xolotl warriors

This is just for fun and not balance, although I think it is very reasonable: we could let Xolotl warriors benefit from the three Mesoamerican civilisations Imperial Age unique technologies. That is for Aztecs +4 attack, +40HP for Mayans and +1/+2 armour for Incas. It would still not at all be on par with the knight line at this Age, but would make them (even) more unique.


I think this is a good idea and they should give redemption to mayans too so they can get stables. And instead of a full meme unit it might be actually useful if the stars align and you managed to get a stable as a meso. I would even add no bonus damage from pike line to really enourage people trying to get it. Since they would very likely not be able to get many stables converted so massing super units from 1 stable is not op

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This is why I don’t think it’s a good idea.
To buff to the unit itself is obviously fine, because they’re an easter egg and basically completely useless.

But it will make people ask for civs getting redemption or redemption getting buffed for people to get easier access to Stables and those demands can be quite problematic for the balance of the game (not because of Xoltols, but because of Redemption being quite good in certain situations).


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Agreed.The Xolotl warriors should acquire more appearance as American zone cavalry in PVP

Mayans don’t need buffs.
Redemption would be a huge one.


To be clear, I don’t suggest changing anything else (e.g. Mayans getting redemption) than this little Easter egg. Meso civs are quite powerful already and should not be too changed.


What about making the Montezuma 5 campaign unit (from the trained horses) into an elite version?

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Sure, why not, sounds like a nice idea, to be honest more like a fix than a dramatic change.

Since this is like the extreme niche situations I dont see reason why not.

El dorado is so OP that it might make even no-armor-upgrades Xolotl Warriors REALLY strong, if it applied to them.

Lmao what are you taling about.
Xolotl are literally knights. The would be a knight with 140 hp and no armor in imperial age, they’d still be trash at best


Actually I meant really strong not OP, corrected, wrote the message in a hurry

They would be literally worse than a Saracen knight, they would be on the same level as britons light cav basically. So no, they would not even be strong

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8 damage a shot means they die in 18 hits. They dont even get husbandry. They are barely better then viking knights…

Im not sure anyone who is being reasonable would call that even remotely strong.

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It wouldn’t be fair that a civilization that naturally doesn’t get knights have them better than one that does.

Yeah, I wouldn’t bother with it at all. The Xolotl warrior is not strong enough to ever make it a good choice in an actual game, and would not be even with these changes, so while I don’t see any harm in doing this, I don’t see how it would make anything better either. I see it as more of a scenario editor unit, where you’re free to buff its hp/armor/attack to your heart’s content.

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I don’t want them to be particularly viable to be clear. It just makes them (even) more unique without taking any risk with respect to balance. These small tweaks are also what some of us love about the game.

Sure it will be fine and interesting!


Mayans don’t need further buffs not to mention they are the only Meso who don’t have Redemption so I don’t know how this bonus would matter except for the 1 in 400 games where you start with a Stable on Megarandom.

In fact Mayans are the only civ I hate with a passion and I hope they nerf them soon.