Small Buffs and Nerfs to Smoothen out the Balance of the Game


(Nerf) Reduce “Tea Export” bonus to + 0.30 export/sec (from +0.40 export/sec)


(Buff) Reduce cost of Commandery from 250w/100c to 250w/75c.
(Buff) “2 Church Wagon” also slightly increases the XP of churches by 20%, from .70/sec to .84/sec.
(Buff) Reduce cost of German Tongue from 450w to 425w.


(Nerf) Increase cost of Architect from 170c to 190c.
(Nerf) Decrease Lombard HP from 3,000 to 2,500.


(Nerf) Increase Gatling Gun cost from 100w/250c to 100w/275c.
(Nerf) Decrease Marine Siege damage from 55 to 48.
(Nerf) Give +10xp per Marine kill.


(Buff) Add “Town Centers also support +5 population” to Logistician bonus.
(Buff) Give +50f each Age-up.


(Neutral, QOL) Change Abus Gun RoF from 3.5s/per hit to 3s/per hit but nerf their base attack to 36.
(Buff) Reduce cost of second and third mosque upgrades from 125w to 100w, and from 300w to 250w.
(Nerf) Reduce starting food crates by 50.


(Nerf) Increase house cost by another 5w.
(Buff) Give an age 4 card that decreases all unit training time and cost by 15%.


(Nerf) Reduce speed of “Age-up Fast” option from Age I to II by 5 seconds.


(Nerf) Reduce Ashigaru movement speed to from 4.5 to 4.4.


(Buff) Reduce Settler food cost from 260f to 255f.


(Nerf) Reduce spawn rate of warriors by 15%, decrease max HP to 180.
(Nerf) Eagle Runner Knight: Reduce base damage by 1.


(Buff) Decrease cost of Kancha house from 180w to 175w.


(Buff) Revert Settler Build Limit back to 99.


(Nerf) -50f starting crates

Adding more as I think of them.


Added several more since the original post.


  • Revert infantry train card to boost WP traintime.

  • Wisewomen’s travois can build estates too.

  • Captured mortars reverted to 4 pop slots. For Lakota too.

  • After reaching Imperial age, infinite crates shipments come faster from HC. Its annoying to mass shipments and not be able to use them effectively.


  • Remove Fur Trade

  • Remove Healing wheel (Hauds too)

  • N. American trade reduce food gathered from animals. Hauds too.


  • Light canons arent affected by pop reduction card.

  • Remove BB from fur market. Lakota too.

Revert changes to war and fertility ceremonies for everyone.


  • Mansabdars work like atlanteans from AoM.

  • Victory Tower: Longer effect OR (It comes to mind right now) It gives a rank lvl to current units until their death. It would reward the fact of keeping the army alived.

  • Agra Fort after 1st upgrade boost near buildings HPs (?).

  • Karni Mata’s aura gets a boost.


  • Zouaves card gets a limit of units per shipment.

  • Flag effects nerf (Mx too)


  • Go back to 99 villagers.

  • Remove charged attack from landsknechts.

  • Set melee as standard attack of Hackalpells.


  • Hand mortars move forward in square formation until everyone can attack the objective. Their low speed attached to the quantity needed is annoying that they turn into the standard circle.

That age 4 card should probably be an age 5 upgrade or consulate card or whatever. India can still easily lame its way to age 4 and overwhelm you, and I don’t think the house cost nerf would be enough.

As we both know, India has been stealthy overpowered for quite some time, but the higher skill floor makes it a little less of an obvious choice.

I do agree with most of the other stuff, except the marine granting xp on death, and the ashigaru change (here i’d like a little more of a rework for Japan so it has more viable options in the late game).


Yup, India is definitely overpowered.

In fact my personal top 5 most OP civs as it stands right now are:

Aztec (WP boom too easy to pull off mainly thanks to warriors)

Tied in A Tier thanks to much-needed nerfs/changes:


Worst civs (can still be strong in the right hands but have the hardest time IMO) are:


I think ports should have settlers -10 food cost per town center.

yeah, India buff in train time is very necessary, idk in what age or how should be implemented, but India needs it a lot. Totally agree with usa nerfs.

regarding india train time, I think that it should be part of a a whole consulate rework and ottomans should give a mosque.


It had to be done carefully as they have battlefield construction (natives have to be reverted), they should remove migrants effect. At least for other civs

No kidding, the indigenous civilization has just gained the reinforcement they should have, the treaty game is not a boring war of European civilizations, I don’t like to use the long-barreled cannon I don’t use him, not through your restrictions on light cannons to force me to play boring European civilization

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Captured mortars cost too much population while cost the same as european mortars BUT just can be trained from 3 buildings after an upgrade.

The ceremonies change has become their boom worse (specially aztecs, that takes years to get 10 WP) while healing wheel makes the aztec bonus non existent. Also they have arsenal and BB upgrades unlike aztecs, so higher bonus is not needed.

About fertility dance, both civs have battlefield construction, fast training plus spammable buildibgs arent a good idea.