Small chat window ingame

Can someone please tell me how to open the small ingame chat window i see all the top players using during teamgames? So far the only way for me to chat is to open chat at the top right (hotkey: alt-t).
Thanks for your help in advance. Hope i chose the right category for this. :v:

You can change it in Shortcuts section right?

I can’t find it there.

Options > Hotkeys > Under “Hotkey Groups” click on “Game Commands” you ll se “Chat Dialog” just in the right side of the menu. Select it and modify selected.

First of all ty very much for your time here.^^
That chat dialog u are talking about is the big one where u can also see your teammates or enemies and their civs plus all the different taunts.
I’d like to get the small chat window without all that other stuff.
Like this:

Please show screenshot of it

“Enter” button does that. Have you tried it?

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lol could not have been easier i guess^^ thank u so much! enter button it is :+1:

I wasn’t thinking the easy way lol :laughing:
Glad we found it.

See you in the game.