Small crossbow nerf?

Skirms with no last armour are fine vs arbs. Also look at all the civs lacking ring archer armour and tell me which one would not be overbuffed from getting imp skirms. Anything other than “Burmese” would be a wrong answer. And it does nothing for Burmese cuz it’s not a castle age tech.


Skirms with no last armor trade 1 for 1 vs Arbs (actually Arbs narrowly win 1v1 vs a +2 armor Skirmisher). You can do the math yourself. They are average at best and arguably in mass fights the Arbalest player comes out on top.

If it’s a 1v1 trade why would arbs be better in a mass fight when they are more expensive?

gold is easier to gather + Arbs steamroll advantages better.

Come on it’s imperial age, don’t tell me food is hard to get anymore

not only is food not hard to get anymore, but you actually have to start worrying about your gold as it goes on.

I see another way to nerf archer play – enforce defensive play with archers in feudal. Make it risky for archers to move out. Seizing map control to opponent.
I think currently archers are excessively well-rounded unit in feudal age.
It could be done in several ways.

Variant 1
Reduce archer movement speed. Make them slower then men-at-arms and skirms. Only for archers, leave crossbow movement speed same as now.
Also this bufs maa openings (which is good in my opinion).

Variant 2
Reduce archer attack to 3 (now 4). Reduce skirms armor respectively.
This will reduce their offensive abilities, making it harder to kill vills with only 2-3 archers. And also much weaker against scouts.

Skirms main resource is wood not food.

Militia/men at arms is already the most common opener, why would it need buffs?

What is your MMR? Id rather skirmishers cost wood entirely rather than some food, just so I can compete with my opponents castle up time…

Increase their train time to 30 secs, like the archers, and they should be fine in most situations.