Small mechanic idea for dogs

I had an idea to make dogs a little bit more useful and interesting: Tracking. Instead of having the same generic auto-scout feature that Explorers have, they could have a tracking feature. With the click of a button, the chosen dog will automatically run to the nearest treasure and/or food source not yet discovered by the player.

This would make dogs a somewhat useful tool for scouting in the early game, where hunting treasures and animals is most important, while the Explorer can be busy doing something else. Not a game changer, but I thought it would be neat.


It would be neat. But likely underused unless they change access to dogs somewhat. Not many send the explorer upgrade to get a dog. And getting a treasure dog is not always an option. Spain would benefit

They could also have an enemy reveal ability like Salteadores. It would need to be longer duration since they are melee.