Small QoL Suggestions

Here’s a few minor annoyances I’ve been noticing lately when playing. Implementing fixes for them shouldn’t be too much work, and would slightly improve the gameplay experience.

  1. When naming your deck, the character limit could really stand to be increased. 16 letters as it is, is just stiflingly short - and makes even less sense seeing as it’s not even enough to fill the horizontal space available in the deck list.

On top of that, there should be some sort of way to reorder your deck list - so that you can always have the most played ones up top, and don’t have to scroll too much at the start of each match. It could be a simple drag&drop, or an even simpler “bring to top [of list]” button.

There’s also the highly annoying bug when clicking on a card to remove it, that removes a random adjacent card instead, but I suppose you already know of that.

  1. I’ve noticed that in the in-game interface, the big portrait of the selected unit is scaled down in an ugly, pixelated way - which is a shame, considering how great they all look at full size. This could be just my pc, but I doubt it as I’ve got all graphics settings at maximum.

  2. Finally, something that’s been bothering me since the original game. When you set the right-click assembly flag to the north of a building that receives home city shipment, and you ship crates of food/wood/coin, the crates will appear to the north of the building, and will be obscured by it - making them difficult to click or even notice.

The way I see it, crates should ignore the assembly flag altogether, and always appear at the south side of the building as if the flag was right to the south of it.

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Crates spawn with the eco gather point. The issue is that the obscured unit alpha for this game doesn’t work.