Small suggestion for Huns lack of houses

I like playing as Huns sometimes and obviously the lack of houses is really useful for smooth builds and saving wood, but I always thought being unable to wall or quick wall with houses was also a disadvantage.

So I’d like to see Huns still start with 200 pop cap but also get access to houses which look identical to ordinary houses but are actually just redundant buildings. This would be both a buff and a nerf, because yes, you’d be able to wall with houses, but you also might forget you are Huns and start the game by building 2x houses for no reason, especially if you play Random civ. Then you’d be down all that wood and villager collection time for no reason.

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That’s the magic of play Huns, no houses

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You know that the key weakness to Huns is that very same bonus (makes them easier to raid, which is how is this bonus designed to be).


House walling should be banished

You don’t say? The magic of Huns is never being housed actually, and saving all the wood. Not the lack of the house building itself.

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Why though? What’s so bad about it?

In my opinion house walling distorts the game. It steals the palisade role and makes bases look ridiculous in an immersive aspect. I think it should be discouraged in some way, like make it similar to TCs with a traspasable area by units but not buildable.

To be honest, the Huns should even not have the stone walls in my opinion.
They have fast Stables and cheap CA, which allow them to be extremely aggressive, so must have the weakest defense.

Also, I have often said that it is ironic that the nomadic Huns have stone walls but the Goths who had built sedentary kingdoms have not.


Yep I second this. Have often thought they need to be able to build houses but not have it contribute to their population limit.

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I don’t get it. You want to be able to build a building for no reason game-wise (Huns game-wise) and be able to spend the wood on it just to be able to wall you? Even if you have palisade walls and stone walls for that purpose.

Did you try to play with full tech tree option? Maybe there you can build houses as Huns

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I like houses as a quickwalling tool though.
If anything I would just slightly reduce the HP so it’s easier to bust through house walls.

I don’t think Huns need Houses. Huns are one of the best civs for basically all non-pro gamers on open maps. The Housing bonus is just so immensely strong as you have one thing less to care about in your macro.

Ofc the top guys almost never get housed anyways, but for all others it’s such a nice bonus, more than outweighting not be able to make house walls.

Huns are fine.

Cav Archers in general can potentially receive a bit of love.

Lol the top players get housed all the time though.

Palisades are too weak and stone needs to be saved for TCs, plus it’s a waste of villager time to mine stone so early.

Thats why Goths get housewalls. :sweat_smile:

So shall we remove the Huns’ stone walls or give the Goths stone walls? :confused:

And this is why house walling should be nerfed… that’s the point… taking a decision between cheap, but weak palisades or strong but expensive stone walls. House walling removes this because is enough strong to stop early aggresion, not so expensive and you will need it anyway for pop space… Over that, you can block 2 tiles at once, instead of one. Even require less skill than palisade quickwalling

I really think that all civil buildings should have a walkable but unbuildable zone around them. Military buildings could take place in wall as now. It has sense and utility that they were forward in your base.

If you wanted to play Huns with Houses, well - the Incas are just waiting for you.

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No, incas are nothing like Huns. 1) No wood bonus. 2) No scouts or knights 3) No Cav Archers. And extra population per house is not the same as not needing houses. They are not an alternative.